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Dec 17, 2010 04:13 AM

Biscotti Help

Okay folks, I know what biscotti is supposed to look like, got the whole bake it twice thing, cut with a super sharp knife, etc. However, the recipe I have says to shape the dough into two 2-inch logs for the first baking. Now, should they literally be log shaped and they'll spread or do I make them log shaped and then flatten them a bit?

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  1. mine always spread but I have to admit i am not much of a baking expert. i wonder if the recipe you use makes a difference in how much they spread.

    1. I flatten mine a bit - I haven't found mine spread so much....

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        Having just made several different recipes for biscotti yesterday, I do think the recipe affects how much they spread to some degree but I would definitely flatten them a bit.

      2. I'm with the flatten the log slightly crowd; biscotti dough doesn't spread very much, but it depends on the recipe, some doughs are more wet than others. I do a 14" x 2" ish log, maybe about 2" high. The dough usually spreads out to about 4", which is a good width for biscotti. I guess you could get out the ruler and measure, but I just eyeball it.

        Make your recipe and see how much it spreads, that's the only way you'll know how that dough works and how much to flatten.

        1. If the source of the recipe is one you trust, I would make the biscotti as written, perhaps using one log only, and see what happens. The almond biscotti recipe in Berenbaum's Christmas Cookies calls for the dough to be rolled into a 2-inch-wide cylinder. It does indeed flatten out during the first baking and cuts into a traditional biscotti shape for the second baking. A not dissimilar recipe in Baking From My Home to Yours calls for the dough to be shaped into a "log that will be more rectangular than domed" and does not flatten much at all during the first baking.

          1. I roll mine into 12-inch logs and flatten with my hands before the first bake.