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Dec 16, 2010 09:29 PM

Has anyone eaten at El Caserio on SLB?

I saw a review a few years ago but nothing recent on the boards. Thinking about meeting some friends on Saturday night. Thoughts? Opinions?


El Caserio Restaurant
309 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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  1. I guess this was the most recent review - and you may be the next one... ;-D> Please do report back if you go so an updated finding is available for the hounds who love Ecudorian food with Italian top notes food.

    1. I've been there twice, but not recently. I don't remember anything about what I ate. That suggests it wasn't particularly good or particularly bad. I do remember it being a bit nicer inside than I expected, with a full bar and a spacious dining room.

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        They have two locations (the one on Virgil that is showing up as the place link above) and another at 401 Silver Lake Blvd. (and which is actually the location that lolabelow is talking about). Which one did you go to sushigirlie (if you recall)?

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          Silver Lake Blvd--immediately in front of you when you get off the 101 going west.

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          Did you valet your car, or park on the street? The side streets in that area are very poorly lighted, and valet would seem the way to go.
          Wish others would offer food impressions, as I have been thinking about trying the place.
          Their fast food place on Virgil is adjacent to Don Felix in the same minimall, in that awful intersection of Virgil, Beverly, Silver Lake, etc. just west of the 101 Fwy.

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            I went to and liked the one on Virgil, though I don't have much recall of the specifc food. I was actually walking from the Vermont/Beverly Red Line station to the Silver Lake Boulevard site, but encountered the Virgil Av. one first. Service was friendly.

        3. was early for a birthday party last year and they had Happy Hour at the bar.
          We had ceviche which was fresh and very good drinks were good as well but that was a year ago.
          Try Happy Hour first.
          I remember leaving wanting to come back it was a large party so not much food consumed.

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            This has been a favorite go-to when we are on our way back from downtown but its been a year or so since we last ate there on our way back from a MOCA exhibit - food was outstanding, ceviche, soup and shrimp dishes - noted a highly lit parking lot in the evening.

          2. We ended up going to El Caserio last night and while we had a nice time, I think it everything to do with the company and little to do with the food. It wasn't disgusting or inedible, it just wasn't great. It wasn't even good at times.
            The caesar salad was fine. Had a nice taste of anchovy (not too much) and wasn't over dressed. The portion was almost too large but 4 of us shared it nicely.

            Four empenadas came next. There were 3 to an order but I think they added an extra cheese one since there were four of us at the table. The cheese ones were good - nothing unique. The ground beef was was a bit dry and unremarkable. The chicken reminded my husband of a "Chung King Egg Roll" - the kind he would eat after school as a kid. I don't think that's what the restaurant was going for.

            One had the Arroz a la Marinera, their version of a pailla. She said the seafood was cooked well and seemed fresh. The rice was gummy and the veggies seemed frozen. Over all she was not too impressed.

            The Halibut in tri-color sauce was good. The fish was perfectly cooked. The sauce was delicious and the peppers fresh. The clear winner of the night.

            The huge disappointment was the Cosas Finas. Honestly, it must have gotten lost in translation because it was nothing like I was expecting. There were chunks of dry pork, sausage of questionable origin, and other elements that had nothing tying them together. My husband said, "it's like a 17 year old guy came up with this idea..."

            Overall, the room was nice, the service fine, the valet was sweet on a rainy, rainy night. No one could figure out how to open the door since the wreath covered the rope that serves as a handle.

            I would give the food 2 stars, the service 4 stars but overall - never again. Nothing really to recommend it.

            El Caserio Restaurant
            309 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

            El Caserio Silver Lake
            401 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

            1. i went there once and just never felt the urge to return. i liked it fine, but i remember the service being very slow. i did love the soup!