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Dec 16, 2010 09:12 PM

Looking for small-time caterers/personal chefs

I did a search before I posted but I'm not sure if I was using the right search phrases - I'm looking for reviews of smaller catering companies who also offer personal chef services. The catering bit is because I'm hoping to host a small New Year's gathering (about 25 people). If it also works out, I'm looking for some meal prep during the week - I'm new to the area and I work pretty long hours to the point where sometimes when I leave work, my choices are between In-N-Out and Pizza My Heart - not that they're bad! I just wouldn't mind a bit more (healthy) variety. If anyone knows someone I should call (or shouldn't), I'd be very happy. Chowhound always served me well in Boston, here's hoping SF does the same!

P.S. I live in Palo Alto, not SF! That might be an issue for some...

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  1. Have you heard of Deeelish! Meals Made Easy in Menlo Park? For years I've wanted to try them, but always balk at the $200+ order for about 16 solo restaurant-quality meals to be finished at home. Maybe they are closed now, since their Web site doesn't seem to work?

    High-quality Chinese restaurants like Fu Lam Mum in downtown Mountain View stay open till midnight. Would it work for you to eat there or get takeout after work?

    Fu Lam Mum
    155 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

    1. Oh, Palo Alto. Bummer. I was going to offer you my services, but I'm too far away from you for that. I'll see what I can find out for you - I have a great network, so here's to hoping.

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        @ mamachef - oh that is too bad! but i look forward to hearing what you find!

        @ vincentlo - I did not know about Fu Lam Mum...I'll definitely have to check it out! I have definitely gone past the Deeelish! building but never thought to try them because the building always looked very corporate-oriented... but this morning I looked more closely and there didn't seem to be anyone there...gave them a call and got the disconnected message.

        Thanks for the suggestions!

      2. Rebecca Alonzi catered our wedding (~60 guests) in Palo Alto and also a small party for us recently (~10 guests) in San Francisco and I can attest she's AMAZING. Give her a call and see if she can fit your event into her schedule.

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