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Dec 16, 2010 08:18 PM

new years in NOLA; what to expect?

hello, i will be returning to new orleans just in time to bring in the new year, but have no clue what to expect restaurant-wise. i imagine it's utter craziness, but i just hope it won't be impossible to get a reservation. i also have no clue where i would want to have a celebratory dinner (i have been to clancy's, brigtsens, CP, etc.), so would like to try a place ive never been), but my friend and i would love to have a fantastic seafood dinner, then catch some live music. also, what's up on new years day; is everyone recovering, w/ not many places open? i appreciate any info, and thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm going to be in nola 12/29-1/3, so I'm in the same boat as you are. I've done a TON of research about places to eat, places to go, etc.

    I've found that there are plenty of places open on new years day. my schedule looks like this...

    day 1, dinner: emerils
    day 2, lunch: august, dinner: dantes kitchen or coquette
    day 3 New Years Eve, lunch: commanders palace, dinner: galatoires
    day 4 New Years Day, lunch: Mr. B's, dinner: Iris
    day 5, lunch: parkway bakery, dinner, Atchafalaya

    I made some of these reservations a while back, but I've called to change times slightly and it hasnt been a problem. Im getting the impression that you can still call to reserve a table at most places.

    I spoke to a good college friend who spent several years in new orleans about what to do on new years. He told me bourbon st is going to be jampacked, to the point that you cant even walk. He said going to frenchman street on nye might be a good way to spend the night. First checking out the fireworks down by jackson square of course though. I know frenchman has a ton of jazz clubs and probably a great place to catch live music.

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      thanks for the 411 yanks26. but yeah, the marigny is where i will most likely be, unless someone i really wanna see is playing elsewhere. we'll probably hit a couple areas though i'm thinking. well have fun, and happy new year!

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        wow yanks 26, CP for lunch and galatoire's for dinner; you better have some elastic pants on hand! sounds awesome though; i'm thinkin galatoire's for dinner as well for NYE.

        1. re: unocal

          lol...I know...with a johnnys po boy mixed in between...I can eat like a horse though, not worried about myself. My gf typically eats light, so hopefully there will be somewhat "light" options for her at these places...

          1. re: yanks26dmb

            a po boy in between?! holy snap! you dont wanna go to galatoire's famished?? btw, what are you thinkin you may order?

            1. re: unocal

              ordering the grand goute, stuffed eggplant, oyster rockefeller for sure, and soufle potatoes. after that, gonna see what our waiter suggests. do you have any favorites?

          2. re: unocal

            In my youth, I'd try itineraries like that - but not now! We usually will do breakfast early, and then dinner late, or an early brunch and a very late dinner. Guess that it's just old-age, as I could do a full NOLA breakfast, stop by the old Frank's and do a muffaletta and a roast-beef po-boy, and then still do a late dinner. Those were in my "better days." Cannot even come close now.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              hey bill, have you ever had the jazz brunch at commander's? we will be arriving next friday morning at 10:30 a.m. (weather permitting), and am unsure of where to eat first. i actually made a res at CP for a 1:00 lunch, and then i was thinking of galatoire's for dinner, but i agree w/ you being too much in one day. then i thought the brunch would be something fun to do on new years day; any particular favorite jazz brunches, because i know a few places do them. i really need to get my itinerary in order...thanks for any info!

              1. re: unocal

                We have, but that was so very long ago, as to not be useful nowadays.

                The Garden Room was always nice, way back then, and we enjoyed our experiences, but again - so very long ago.


        2. mimi's in the marigny has live music and great bar food.