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Dec 16, 2010 08:17 PM

Cebicheria Erizo In Tijuana

Going to Tijuana in a couple of weeks and saw Street Gourmet's post on this. Does anybody know if this place is only open for lunch or for dinner as well? Secondly, is this in walking distance once I cross the border or do I need to take a cab to get there? Lastly, is it open all days of the week? Thanks!

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  1. Here is some info that Masa Assassin posted on his blog in January 2009. "...Those familiar with Tijuana establishments Guiseppi's, Casa Plascencia, Villa Saverio's and Chula Vistas Romesco will be pleased to know of the newest addition to Familia Plasencia "Erizo Cebicheria".Erizo has been opened for just one week and is located in the affluent neighborhood of Chapultepec. Open daily from 11-7 Erizo is a perfect spot for a casual lunch, especially for you ceviche lovers. I would describe the Menu as Baja Peruvian fusion. Many of the ceviches are Peruvian influenced which explains the spelling "cebiche" in the their name...Erizo Cebicheria Located in the same center as Caffe Saverios and walking distance(3 Blocks)from Villa Saverios. Ave Sonora No 3808-11 Major Cross street Blvd Agua Caliente Tel 686-1564."

    This location is about (my rough guess) three miles from the border, not a casual walk, but you can easily catch a taxi once you walk across the pedestrian crossing

    1. Yes it's open for lunch and dinner, but closes around 7PM-8PM, as seafood is a morning afternoon thing in Mexico, with some exceptions. Cebicheria stays open later than most seafood establishments. Go in the afternoon, like around 2pm, get some sea urchin if they got it!

      The restaurant isn't a Peruvian-Mexican fusion despite having pisco sours and one Peruvian style ceviche. This is a Baja style seafood restaurant restaurant, with a cold bar and a hot bar.

      In general, Sundays are slow in Tijuana, in Mexico for that matter. But, I think you'll be fine Tuesday-Saturday.

      You'll need a cab for this.

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        Thanks Gypsy and Street Gourmet. Much appreciated!