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Dec 16, 2010 07:23 PM

Creative infusions?

Hello all, I'm sitting here out of herbal tea, my nightly ritual in the winter. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for infusions I can make in hot water using things I may already have in the fridge or spice cabinet that will give me that feeling of a hot herbal concoction. I'm not in the mood for something milk-based or dense like hot chocolate, and all I can think of is lemon and water! I'll go with that for tonight but thought I'd ask for future reference!

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  1. Mint is, of course, a favorite. I've listened to some who claim that lavender, thyme, dill and basil (and combinations thereof) make good staring points for warm infused drinks and that a twist of lime blends well. Never tried them myself.

    1. My husband likes to put ~4 strands saffron, 1cardamon pod, and a sugar cube in a cup and pour over hot water. He had it served to him that way in India.

      1. Thanks :) Some interesting suggestions! I should have thought of saffron / cardamom... but the herbs mentioned also look worth a try!

        1. I'm quite partial to lemongrass. The tea tastes like the super fresh amazing version of the lemon girl scout cookies. No sugar needed.

          1. Ginger, sage and chamomile with honey is a favorite around here, especially if nursing a chest cold.