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Dec 16, 2010 07:23 PM

London - New Year's week

We will be in London for a week, arriving December 31. It's a last minute trip so I'm trying to pull together dining ideas. Any help appreciated!

We will be staying near Covent Garden so I'm interested in local restaurants but don't mind traveling for good food. We generally only want one big meal a day. I like to take advantage of lunch deals at nice restaurants but given the short daylight hours, may have to pass on this and go for dinners instead.

This is very vague but what I have so far:

12/31 - I know we will be tired and jet-lagged so I am looking for an early (but festive) dinner in the Covent Garden area.

1/1 - Brunch at Indigo. Not sure how much will be open in the evening - maybe a nice pub?

1/2 - Lunch near the British Museum? Sunday night recommendations?

1/3 - Pre-theater at The Ivy? Is it worth it?

1/4 - Looking for a great tea after the V&A. I have read mixed reviews about The Orangery - any other suggestions? What about Harrods? We'll probably skip dinner tonight.

1/5 - Lunch at the Swan and probably late tea at the Tate. Again, may skip dinner.

1/6 - Last night so I would like something special. Maybe Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's or La Gavroche? Open to suggestions.


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  1. Whatever you choose, do make bookings soon as this is a very busy time for restaurants in London. That said, there are often last minute dropouts and people get lucky.

    There's a very nice tea at The Mandeville Hotel. It's usually not all that crowded, and the service is lovely as is the food.

    December 31 is New Year's Eve! Restaurants tend to be very expensive and also booked up.
    I hate to be a party pooper but hope you have success finding wonderful food for your trip.

    1. You haven't mentioned money, so I'm going to just run with what I'd want. For delicious food go to Hawksmoor (big on meat) or The Ledbury (great range and also good if you have any vegetarians). For festive charm and a British experience, head to Rules or Wiltons. For tea I'd pick The Savoy.

      I would not get all excited about The Ivy, but I did enjoy the meal I had at GR @ Claridges.

      Have fun!

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        I'll second The Ledbury. Also, see if you can get a reservation at its sister gastropub, The Harwood Arms. It's delicious and lots of fun. I'm also a big fan of Texture and The Square. And, I never leave London without a dinner of Dover sole at J. Sheekey.

      2. Thank you for the suggestions. We have lunch reservations at The Ledbury on Tuesday and dinner reservations at The Square on Thursday. Is it a mistake to do both?

        Also, we decided on Savoir Faire for an early NYE dinner - they're serving their regular menu which looks tasty and then we can wander around for a bit until we get cold and give up.

        We also have lateish reservations at Les Deux Salon on Wednesday - will that be too much after the Swan for early lunch?

        Still very undecided about tea. The Manderville looks good but so does Claridges.

        We will probably try Rules instead of The Ivy for pre-theatre but I haven't got theatre tickets yet so that will have to wait a day or two.

        And finally - any thoughts on Clos Maggiore? It looks beautiful and is very close to our hotel.

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        1. re: kfoster21

          You've done well... terrific! I'm supposed to eat at Deux Salons tonight, but snow down here in the south may chase us home after an afternoon theatre matinee. I think it's the kind of menu that doesn't have to be a problem after an early lunch. Just walk a lot that day. :-)

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            The Square and The Ledbury are quite different, so it's fabulous that you will dine at both. Rules will also be a real treat. Well done.

            1. re: kfoster21

              I went to Clos Maggiore a couple of years back. A pretty nice meal and very romantic surroundings. I'd happily go again.