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Can't add people to my reading list

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I've bee trying to add people to my reading list but the icon/button is missing on their profile page. I'm on a Mac using Firefox, Safari and Chrome, none of which solve the issue.

Seems like a bug to me!

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  1. Just to be sure -- because I always end up searching around for it when I want to use it, even though I know where it is -- can you do a search in page for this text:

    Add this user to your reading list

    It's kind of a weirdly formatted link that is hard to spot.

    If it's definitely not there, can you send a screenshot to me at jacquilynne.schlesier@cbs.com ?

    1. I am a Mac user (Safari) encountering this same issue. I cannot find the "add this user to your reading list" when I am looking at someone's profile.

      1. You have to be logged in - could that be the problem? I just checked Safari, and "Add this user to your reading list" appears right below the user's location.

        1. Using Firefox and having the same issue

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            Also tried using MS Internet explorer and can't do it there either.

          2. i'm on a Mac running the same browsers as you, and it's there. unfortunately the placement is lousy and the font is the same as the other content, making it ridiculously easy to miss.

            look for the line that says "Add this user to your reading list" - depending on how much info the user has in their profile, it's either directly below their avatar or their Location info.

            1. Cosmogrrl, I just clicked on your profile and it is right under your name. It is not an icon or button but a line of text.

              1. I did a ctrl F and got it, easily missed though

                1. Yes, I did find it eventually. Very easy to miss if someone has a long profile. I'd call it a UI bug in that it's hard to see with long profiles. Maybe they should add a blink tag to it ;) But seriously it should be moved or made more "button" like. Anything to call attention to it. I used ctrl-F to find BTW