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Dec 16, 2010 02:18 PM


Tomorrow i was about to go to Luling for brisket. just for grins i called them to check on the price because a friend of mine wanted a pound and i wasnt sure how much it was there.

WELL ! i called and i got the anwer ! and BOY were they tenative about it too..... they almost didnt want to answer. HA ! and NOW i see why ! i coud hear it in the voice.

so i asked..... when did the price change...... and she kept being evasive about it.
finally she told me 6 months ago.

the last time i was there i only got a half pound and didnt even bother to check the price because i was in a hurry to get home... so i didnt realize it had gone up. i thought it was kind of high but i thought i was imagining things. lol

COME ON !......$13.35 a pound? when there are SO many good places that dont even come close to that kind of price. ... or do they? maybe i'm wrong.

what are they tryin to do here? are they chasin the tourist dollar?
i mean luling is GREAT but WOW !
ON PRINCIPLE ! ....i am NOT payin THAT kind of money for good BBQ when i can go somewhere else and get it just as good for less.

am i crazy or what?
$13.35 is insane..... thats just not right.

tomorrow i am goin for brisket..... BUT NOT to Luling !

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  1. This is at City market?? wow. Everything used to be $9.99 lb there.

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      1. re: BBQaddict

        Dude, that's the one in Houston. Don't go there.

        1. re: Bulldozer

          i had NO idea that someone had run off with the name and had a resturant in Huston !

          CITY MARKET IN LULING IS STILL $9 a pound !
          MAN! i am SOOOO SORRY !

          i thought that was the one in Luling i had NO idea there was another one.

          now breathing a sigh of relief.... because the one IN LULING is GREAT and STILL $9/pound !

    1. I hear you addict.....and I too wish BBQ would stay around $10 per pound. Just for a second, consider that 10 oz filet at a steakhose that cost $40......there's a lot more labor and effort in smoking a brisket than in cooking that filet, IMHO. So, maybe 13.35 isn't such a bad deal....I don't know. I just wish we had a City Market in my town; I know I would pay the $13.35, even if it was reluctantly.

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      1. re: pinotho

        Is the Houston place related to the Luling place? If not, do they know about it?

        Seems like a "black eye" kind of thing to me.

        1. re: Kingsmoke

          The place in Houston is not related to the Luling place. The owners of the Houston place are trading on a name and stealing a reputation, and they're doing it intentionally. It's not inadvertent. There's nothing the real City Market in Luling can do, because their DBA is registered as "City Market" at the Caldwell County Courthouse, with an address in Luling, Texas. They probably should have tied up "Luling City Market," too, at least statewide, and maybe even nationwide, but since they were established back around the turn of the last century, I'm sure it never occurred to them that they might need it.

          Supposedly, the Houston ripoff lured away somebody that used to work at Luling, got him to reveal the recipes and cooking methods and then, at some point, either canned him, or perhaps he left of his own volition, not sure. But I don't think he's still involved with them, so even that tenuous connection is severed.

          (Keep in mind that this is all hearsay. I don't know any of the principals involved, so my info might be incorrect, but this is what I've been told.)

          It's really reprehensible. What makes it even worse is that the Houston folks are damaging to the Luling restaurant. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say (upon hearing praise for the one in Luling), "I don't want to go there; I went to their location in Houston and didn't think it was that good." And just like this thread - if the mixup hadn't been discovered, many folks reading this might well have said, "I'm not going to Luling. I heard their brisket is $13.35 a pound!"

          It's awful. I wish that the Luling management could sue for damages, and shut that place down, but supposedly they're unable to, because of that technicality - the DBA registration name thing.

          Speaking just for myself, I'll never set foot in the Houston ripoff. I think what they are doing is dispicable. They are leeching off of someone else's hard work, and literally decades of building an excellent product and reputation. They know it's confusing; that's their goal. That's their intent. That's why they're doing it - to confuse and trick people into thinking they're getting something they're not.

          It's deceitful, underhanded thievery, plain and simple. And I absolutely refuse to encourage, reward, support or condone it by giving them one dime of my money.


          City Market
          633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

            1. re: Bulldozer

              Bulldozer, thank you for this post. Clears up a lot of stuff.

              1. re: pinotho

                Yep, basically confirms what I've heard.

                Now only one thing I still don't get.

                The food is so bad that Robb Walsh says he "threw his dinner away." So how has this place managed to stay in business? I guess by confusing enough suckers to keep them coming in and paying for third-rate barbecue, and thinking it's somehow connected with one of the most legendary 'cue joints in the state.


                1. re: Jaymes

                  I've never been to Luling in Houston but I've heard the meat was pretty decent. I worked close to there on a project for one year but never made it at lunch although I intended to. A year can go by quick when there are so many fabulous places to eat around there. I would still give it one try if the opportunity presented itself.

                  I have bookmarked Pierson and Company and plan on making it over there some time this month.

                  We have a decent small chain out this side of town called Tony's. I'm loving their ribs and chopped beef sandwich. They have decent sides too. Some kind of spicy rice, similar to dirty rice that is good. They have locations in Mt Belvieu, LaPorte and several others.

              2. re: Bulldozer

                Bulldozer.... thanks for posting that link.
                MAN i am SOOO so sorry i started this thread.... i wish they could delete it so that people wont think its the place IN LULING !

                i just didnt know there was anyplace in Houston trying to copy the place in Luling.
                its just TERRIBLE what they have done.

                your link really explains what happened.

                thanks again

                1. re: BBQaddict

                  No worries. As Jaymes said, the confusion is intentional. Actually, I think it's good you brought it up as this thread can now hopefully help someone else understand the situation.

                  And on a slightly related note, the going rate at Franklin Barbecue for brisket is $13/lb, but that's Meyer all natural angus brisket. And it's awesome. And totally worth $13.

                  1. re: Bulldozer

                    Bulldozer.... next time i am in the area i'll try to get over to Franklin and try it,
                    i dont live anywhere near it so i'll get a mess of it to go and be hapy with that till
                    i find my way back again at some point.

                    at that price.... i wouldnt make a habit of it anyway when there is good brisket out there for $9/pound.
                    eating it the frequency i do..... i couldnt pay that but once in a while. lol

                    anyway... thanks for mentioning it. i look forward to trying it.

        2. Great post. I'm going to San Antonio in May and can't wait to try the "real deal" in Luling. Can someone help me with the hours? And does anyone know if they are open on Sunday? Thanks!

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          1. re: rp1760

            They don't have a website, but I got these hours off Yahoo.


            Closed on Sunday, but you might call to verify. I like getting there around 11 am for two reasons. One is to beat the crowd, and the other is that the meat should be ready by then. Luling BBQ is open on Sunday, but I have no clue about this place.


            1. re: rp1760

              I always call them before taking the 5 mile ride from I-10 to the City Market. They close early, 5 or 6:00 p.m.

              City Market
              633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

              1. re: rp1760

                You need to call them and when you call, don't just ask what time they open, ask what time the brisket is ready. I called and found out Smitty's was open at 8 AM and made a huge detour to stop in and get some bbq and was there at 10:30 and there was nothing ready but sausage. I guess you can get potato salad at 8. And I know what some of you are thinking, they put the briskets on at 5 or 6, how can they be ready before 11. Well, some places put them on when they close at night and they cook all night. I didn't dream I'd have to ask such a detailed question and am still ticked I went so far out of my way for nothing. That's when I ended up stopping in Rudy's in New Braunfels and found out Rudy's had improved considerably.

                1. re: rp1760

                  Definitely closed on Sundays, as least as of this time last year (last time I swung through). I thought they were open but, alas, they weren't.

                  Places in Lockhart (20 mins up the road) will be open, though.

                2. $13.35 is insane ?

                  How about the price of the distinctly average brisket I tried at Pizzitolas BBQ in Houston recently ?

                  Are you sitting down ?

                  $19 a pound.

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                  1. re: FarleyFlavors

                    If it makes you feel better, I just ordered from Snow's online, and including shipping a brisket (appx. 4 - 4.5 lbs) and maybe a couple pounds of sausage was $110 ... and that's with 30% off (order, not shipping)!

                    1. re: a213b

                      It doesn't, but thanks for trying !

                      At least you're pretty much guaranteed an excellent brisket.

                      1. re: FarleyFlavors

                        I'm hoping. I've had all of the Luling/Lockhart notables, but never Snows ... this isn't how I would prefer to have my first taste, but living in California I don't get back as often as I would like, and when a 30% off deal came my way, I snapped it up.

                        Either way, I'll let y'all know how it turns out!