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Dec 16, 2010 01:11 PM

Champurrado in Fresno?

I wonder if anyone knows of any restaurants, taquerias, etc. in Fresno that serve champurrado, the atole & chocolate drink that's popular this time of year?

Once upon a time there was a place at the corner of Shields & Palm (or thereabouts) but it has since been torn down & replaced by, of all things, a Rite-Aid.

I did a quick search of the boards which came up empty-handed--though it seems that Salinas is a hot-spot for champurrado.

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  1. Don't have a specific rec for you. The places and carts in Salinas, Santa Rosa, Oakland, and San Francisco where I've had champurrado or atol were all tamale specialists. One even had beverage holders labeled "tamale smoothie". Maybe that will help you to focus your search. . . Follow the masa trail.

    1. Any good, authentic Mexican restaurant should serve champurrado during the autumn and winter seasons. In Mexico it is featured as a breakfast drink (breakfast of champions) and one can easily find champurrado served in many local restaurants in Mexico beginning in autumn but definitely by the 1st of November. You probably won't find it on boards. Go to a restaurant where you find throngs of Mexican people consistently; your chances of finding excellent, authentic Mexican food will be exponentially higher than if you go to where you find pre-dominantly non-Mexican patrons. When I was little and lived in the area, I remember my parents taking us out sometimes to Sal's Mexican Restaurant in Selma on Park Street. It was a clean, little hole in the wall place but the food was divine. And the champurrado was truly "the elixir of the gods". Worth the drive and every penny spent. !Buen provecho!

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        Sal's in Selma is still going strong as is the one opened by Karl in Fresno at Alluvial and N. Fresno St. (NE corner). The other brother, Bobby, runs a number of places called Bobby Salazar's that to me are more pedestrian.

        1. re: PolarBear

          Thanks for the update PolarBear:) It's good to know it's still there. I don't get up to the ol' stomping grounds much anymore but the next time I go home, I'll plan on the short run to the north to Sal's for sure!