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Dec 16, 2010 01:07 PM

Discounted gift certificates

I just noticed that on the Aquataine website they are offering a free $20 "meal certificate" when one purchases a $100 gift card. Both cards are valid at any of their locations. It looks like the meal certificate has limits on what and when you can use it.... More of a thank you to the purchaser than something you would give as a gift.

I am in the market for a few restaurant gift cards this holiday season. I also love free stuff and feeling like I am getting a good value.

Does anyone know of similar deals out there this season? I am not interested in the Groupon type stuff which is great, but would make a weird impression as a gift.

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  1. The discount certificates available on-line at sites such as WRKO; NECN and Boston Phoenix are all regular restaurant certificates perfectly suitable to give as gifts. The only difference in the physical certificate that you receive at the restaurant and what you get on line, is the on-line certificate may have an indicator of the site, such as "WRKO". The certificates I purchased for Tavalo a few weeks ago did not. It also takes a week to get the certificates.