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Dec 16, 2010 01:03 PM

Empire Kosher frozen latkes?

Okay, these are about as inauthentic as a latke can be, a triangle of pressed brown-crusted shredded potato plus starch binder, like a folded-hankie-shaped Tater Tot. I don't care; they're cheap, delicious, and I love them. They were for many years (in Nashville) my favorite backup plan for breakfast potatoes, and it seems to me I used to see them here for a while. In Nashville I'd buy them at Kroger, currently the parent of Ralphs, but I've searched in vain there - Ralphs just has those raggedy authentic things, much more expensive and to my taste not as good (sorry!).

Anyone seen these in the LA area?

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  1. I'm sure I've seen them either at Ralph's or Gelsons. Have you checked them? I'll take a look this weekend when we shop.

    1. I've never seen them. I love the Trader Joe's ones. I felt lazy not making them this year then decided TJ's were better anyway.

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        There are so many places to look, too many to list here. The areas I can suggest are in the Fairfax area, Pico/Roberston and in the SFV around Burbank and Whitsett and along Ventura Blvd at about Reseda Blvd. Jon's sometimes carries latkes. If you Google "Kosher Markets in Los Angeles" you will find quite a list of places that you could start with. I am sure others will make other suggestions as well. The list is so so long.

        I am sure you are aware that latkes are mainly eaten on Chanukah which just finished so supplies may be low right now.

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          One of the joys of markets that cater both to actual Jews and to folks who simply dig the food is that some of the more universally appealing stuff is available year around. Like jars of matzoh ball soup and really good egg noodles, and if you're lucky Kosher cornish hens. The Ralphs markets that carry frozen latkes do so all the time, I've noticed, just not the ones I want.

      2. ... CAMBRIDGE FARMS market
        North Hollywood
        Burbank Blvd and Whitsett
        just a mile west of 170 ...