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Dec 16, 2010 11:46 AM

special birthday dinner

I am looking for somewhere special to take my husband for a birthday dinner in January (so the one month booking window is approaching!). It's special because we're currently living on opposite sides of the atlantic - he's in London - and we won't have seen each other for a month. So, I'd like to take him somewhere romantic, where we can have a long cosy delicious meal. A tasting menu might be fun, as we've never done one, but open to prix fixe or a la carte too, especially as I don't have the worlds biggest budget (also not the smallest!) - I'd be prepared to spend up to $300, or $350 at a stretch, including a bottle of half decent wine and tax/tip.

His birthday is on a Sunday night.

Open to pretty much any kind of food, and am willing to travel to any part of manhattan, I just want it to feel a bit special and romantic!


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  1. Does the dinner have to be on Sunday? If so it will limit your choices.

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      Ditto. Many of the upscale, high end, fine-dining destination restaurants are closed on Sundays.

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        No, it could be on the Saturday night - if so we'd be looking for an earlyish (6/7) reservation I think as he'll be jetlagged from flying in the day before. Which I suppose might make it easier to book!

    2. Well it depends upon the food. IMHO, there is no better place than Daniel for a romantic dinner.
      But its pricey. Second choice gotham bar and grill. Just tell them you want a quiet table.

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        the prix fixe at Daniel might be doable... thanks for the recommendation!

      2. Bouley would be perfect. Not sure if it's open on Sundays, but certainly on Saturdays.

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            Unfortunately Bouley is not open on Sunday, but it's such a wonderful restaurant, and if you're willing to have dinner on Saturday night instead of Sunday, I think it would be a perfect place to celebrate your husband's birthday. It's a beautiful restaurant with delicious food and attentive service. The price of the tasting menu is $125 per person. My family just celebrated Thanksgiving at Bouley (did the tasting menu), and it was fantastic!

        1. UniqueUsername...I strongly recommend Cafe Boulud. I took my girlfriend here for her birthday last year and skated out under the $350 mark but still had a great meal; they are open on Sundays. We started with a couple glasses of Daniel's house champagne (I called ahead and set this up before we arrived so they just brought it to the table once we sat), had a bottle of wine, split two appetizers to start (12 oysters, peekytoe crab with apple gelee) each ordered our own entree, and then each had some post-dinner wine with desert. It was a great evening, fantastic service, and delicious food.

          Cafe Boulud
          20 East 76th St., New York, NY 10021

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          1. I haven't had the tasting menus people are recommending at Daniel or Bouley, but kaiseki at Kyo Ya is a wonderful experience of sublime food and gracious service in a very civilized, classy place that feels slightly secret because it's semi-hidden down a flight of stairs from street level. If you like Japanese food, consider that possibility. I believe it's within your price range, though you might want to have some of their great sake, rather than grape wine.

            Kyo Ya
            94 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009