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Dec 16, 2010 11:38 AM

Appetizer for drunk people on a boat....with a christmas theme.

Strange post, I know. But now that I have your attention, I will be providing light food for 8 people who are going on a boat cruise this weekend. The boat doesn't have a kitchen and I'm not supposed to use the electrical outlet. People will likely be imbibing a little too much, so I want to provide something nourishing, and we will be on the water (in California) so things may be a little chilly. Any ideas?

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  1. I think I should be onboard as a consultant! How about stuffed breads wrapped first in plastic, then foil....reheated on the manifold. Roast beef or turkey, lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo wrapped up in flour tortilla or lavash, then cut into slices for a nice pinwheel effect. Cold, grilled chicken wings. Premade crostini topped with tapenade, or a niced pesto spread

    1. Small rolls with shaved ham and swiss, as well as shaved turkey with cranberry chutney. You can bring several thermoses filled with tomato bisque. Trader Joe's has a great red pepper and tomato soup that's's on the shelf in a box...simple!

      1. A crockpot with a removable insert will stay hot for a while even without electricity - you could do a batch of meatballs or sausages, something that will taste good at room temp after cooling off.

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          Ritz crackers with canned squirt cheese. If they are drunk they won't remember what the food was anyway!!!!

        2. Cheese N crackers
          Shrimp cocktail
          Breads and composite butters
          Dips, spreads, & crudites
          Lettuce wraps with chopped deviled eggs or minced shrimp or crabmeat
          Stuffed Belgian endive
          Pimento cheese stuffed or spread in bread or cherry tomatoes or celery
          Deviled eggs

          Decorate the platters...Parsley, grape tomatoes, etc....