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Dec 16, 2010 11:14 AM

Help! Anywhere in Milwaukee to get Cherry Gourmandise cheese?

This was my favorite since childhood (from a German Deli no less):

It used to be carried at the pig in Cedarburg (no more), Grash's is a hit or miss, not at Larry's,
Sendiks only carries the walnut, and the overpriced Chairman Boob's place (The Marketplace) only carries the walnut as well.

Thanks in Advance!

(And to make everyone laugh - I used to love it as a kid with the Nabisco Bacon flavored crackers - something that is no more).

Jon M.

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  1. Have you tried The Fresh Market in Brookfield?

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    1. re: Living4fun

      yes, in fact I go there quite often to get Moxie. My only complaint is that I wish they opened up earlier. And had more reasonable prices for what they sell.

      1. re: exvaxman

        The Sendiks in Shorewood is not related to the others and has an AMAZING cheese selection. I would try there. John Nehring, the owner, might even order it for you if they don't carry it.

    2. Despite them not carrying it when I asked (begged) several times, I recent found three wedges (bought two) at sendik's in Meq, and one at the Grafton location. They must read this board!

      1. Looks like Sendiks has stopped carrying it now. Bummers. Grash's is a trip for me.
        Oh well - looks like Grashs' will be getting the grocery money that does not go to Trader Joe's or Woodmans.