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Dec 16, 2010 10:02 AM

Before Buffalo Wings

I was having a discussion over a huge mound of 25 cent wings last Sunday about what we all ate during games before wings hit the big time. The first time I remember them becoming a staple was when I was about 19 (1989). I know they were around, but they hadn't become the national food on Sunday. I was trying to think about what we used to munch on before, during and after games. The only things I came up with was pizza and gyros (one of my friend's is Greek and his mom used to come from Astoria every Sunday with Gyros).

What did others chow down on before the wing explosion?

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  1. Sunday football not too many snacks as we had early dinners and everyone was stuffed. Maybe some chips & dips, and a sandwich for supper. But New Years day was always a feast of the stuff left over from the party the night before, and the Parades, then football!! Still remember that from my parents parties too, many moons ago!! Good tradition to carry on!!
    These days with only the 2 of us at home, I try to make a big pot of something we can eat at will. Makes Sunday an easy day for me.

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      I have a friend who does chili the saturday before he goes to work at night and then heats it up just in time for game time on Sunday. I missed it once and haven't been invited back haha

    2. I remember when you could buy wings in the supermarket for 20/25 cents a pound before the big explosion.

      1. >>"What did others chow down on before the wing explosion?"<<.

        Prior to explosion, it required no convincing from others riding the raves and the faves.

        I chowed down on wings.

        1. Potato skins
          Mozzarella sticks
          Spare ribs
          Franks in jackets
          Egg rolls

          1. Are we talking about at home or in the pubs...