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Dec 16, 2010 08:03 AM

Meletti cocktails. The thread.

Inspired by the recent discussion of various amari, I thought I'd start a thread focusing on Meletti. Meletti has a chocolate, herbal, complex flavor, with accessible amount of bitter and sweet. My mind turned to the Twentieth Century Cocktail and since I lacked Creme de Cacao, the substitution of Meletti was perfect.

Twentieth Century Cocktail (Meletti


1 1/2 oz Gin
3/4 oz Cocchi Americano (or Lillet)
1/2 oz Amaro (Meletti)
3/8 oz Lemon juice
1 ds Xocolatl Mole bitters (Bittermen's)

Shake, strain, straight up, cocktail

I thought it was fantastic. Both my wife and I rated it 5/5. There is just enough acid to balance the sugar in the other two sweet ingredients. The Bittermen's Xocolati Mole bitters punches up the chocolate flavor a touch.

Anyone else with some good Meletti cocktails?

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  1. I can't vouch for it personally but I did run across this:

    "Called the Marche Shimmer, it contains Meletti, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and prosecco, served over ice in a rocks glass. He says it is one of their most popular house cocktails."

    and this one, with rye

    1. Dutch Angle courtesy of Colin at Franklin Mortgage & Investment, Philadelphia:

      1.25 oz genever (Bols)
      .75 oz Meletti
      .75 oz Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry
      2 dashes Wormwood Bitters (Cocktail Kingdom)

      Stir and serve over large rock in DOF glass - generously express (flamed) orange peel and discard