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Dec 16, 2010 07:46 AM

Twiglets--where can I find them in DC?

Every year I get my English husband a bag of twiglets for his stocking. We just moved from NY, where it was relatively easy to find them, but I have had no success in identifying a place here in DC where I can get them.



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    1. re: Mister Big

      Just tried Rodman's. No go. Other thoughts?

    2. I believe British Pantry in Old Town Alexandria has them. They are on the 100 block of South Columbus, just off of King Street.

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      1. re: Milocat1

        British Pantry does indeed have them. If the other recs below don't work out, I will make the drive out. Thanks!

      2. World Market

        World Market
        8125 Wisconsin Ave Ste 1, Bethesda, MD 20814

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        1. re: MrsWheatie

          Nope. At least not right now. Tried there over the weekend.

          1. re: jes13

            Maybe the "designer" grocery stores-Dean&Deluca, Wegmans, Balduccis, et al.

            600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

        2. I'm not sure if they stock them, but it's definitely worth a try: Classic British Cigars and Goodies in Clarendon:

          I haven't been in ages, but they do sell a whole bunch of British snacks, teas, candies. Maybe worth a call to ask if they stock Twiglets. Seems like a product they would sell...

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