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Dec 16, 2010 07:42 AM

A little culture?

I live in Seattle and make all my own naturally leavened bread; I even grind my own flour. I came home to Boston yesterday for the holidays, with a carry on loaded with my flour mixes, to make lots of bread for my family. Alas! Despite my note to myself, I managed to forget the starter, without which ( of course) I'm sunk. I've asked my fave restaurant if they'll give me some, but if they're feeling proprietary, I'm SOL. Does anyone here have a good one they can offer up? I'd be happy to send you kefir grains when I get home, if you like....even better if you're in or near Needham, where my mom lives. Thank you!

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  1. Maybe these guys:

    Modern Homebrew Emporium
    2304 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02140-1812
    (617) 498-0400

    What do you use to grind your flour?

    Massachusetts Avenue Restaurant
    906 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

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      I broke down & splurged on a Wondermill, and I love it. I go through nearly 5 lbs. of grains a week (hard red wheat, hard white wheat, and rye, mostly, but also soft white wheat and spelt and buckwheat and others) even though I live alone, and it allows me to buy organic, small-farm grains at incredible prices (because I buy in bulk, which having my own grinder allows, since the rancidity clock doesn't really start ticking on most grains--the exceptions are flax, buckwheat, and quinoa--until they're ground), to always have super-fresh tasting flour, and to use a coarse grind (which lowers the glycemic index). It's also great for corn, so I can make great blue-corn pancakes, again without worrying about freshness.

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        Very cool. Sort've been considering such a purchase myself...

    2. King Arthur Flour sells some starters. They are in Vermont, about 2.5 hours drive away, so if you placed an order at their website or perhaps by phone you would get it within a few days. That's been my experience.

      1. Hi eseattle,
        do you mean an already "live" ready to use culture that's been cultivated for a while? I wish I had some to give you; that's a project still on my to do list.

        King Arthur flour sells dry sour dough culture that needs to be mixed with water and spend a least a little time growing. They can give you the details. They also have contacts with lots of home bakers and might be able to give you some leads on ready to use cultures.

        1. Thanks, all--I was indeed hoping to get live starter; I didn't realize it would be so hard to find. I guess I'll call the restaurant when I'm back in town tomorrow, and go from there.

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            can you use a piece of dough from a bakery? maybe you can hit up clear flour, hi-rise or iggy's.

          2. Just saw your post, you are welcome to some of mine if you want. It's active and in Dorchester by UMass.