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Dec 16, 2010 07:19 AM

Help with healthy recipes and fussy husband

I would really love your input on resources for healthy cooking. (My husband and I were both recently found out we have high cholesterol levels.) Problem is that my husband is a meat and potatoes guy. He won't eat a salad or soup for dinner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. Will he eat chicken, turkey, or fish? Low cholesterol doesn't mean only a salad or soup. It's not really getting rid of certain things but eating them in moderation with other healthier foods.

    We eat pretty healthy... the other night I made breaded/baked chicken cutlets (for him), tofu (for me), sauteed broccoli with capers and breadcrumbs, and sweet potato fries.

    1. At least DH wasn't fussy but changing what you eat takes a lot of trial and error before your taste buds start to change. DH's nutritionist recommended buffalo burgers and okayed pork tenderloin so it's not all chicken and fish. For brown rice, I like the mixed varieties made by Lundberg. We were already eating whole grain bread so it wasn't hard to change to whole wheat rolls (we like Arnold hamburger rolls and breads).
      I think it might be easier to serve less potatoes and other things that people like to slather with butter. Get the butter flavored spray for veggies. We use Smart Balance for a spreadable blend.
      Experiment with recipes from Cooking Light magazine. You might find the flavor of farm fresh vegetables to be much better than canned or even store bought fresh. We like beets and baby carrots as fresh as possible. I think it might be easier to develop new tastes instead of trying to make old favorites with new products. We found veggie shreds an ok sub for mozzarella but I hated turkey burgers. We now prefer natural peanut butter (The Teddy brand). Look for crackers low in fat (Keebler Multigrain Bistro are a favorite of ours) instead of Ritz. Try roasted vegetables with olive oil instead of baked potatoes.

      Eventually you will start preferring low fat flavors. Be patient.

      1. Seems like one of the fast-tracks to heart-healthier eating is to get everyone to really enjoy more vegetables. Here are two threads on doing that: (Please help me add veggies to my meals
        ) (Favourite vegetarian main dish?


        From there, I second cheesecake17's suggetion of eating more heart-friendly meats like chicken, turkey, fish, pork, etc. Beef in smaller portions with more healthful sides to fill the belly also a good idea.

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          "Beef in smaller portions" was on the tip of my tongue. I'll make a beef anf veggie stir fry with mostly vegetables- the beef is still there- but it's bulked up with the vegetables. Healthy sides are also key- be creative and try out new recipes and techniques.

        2. Instead of meals that are composed of 3 dishes -- meat/ starch/green vegetable -- think in terms of entrees that combine those items, with a smaller amount of the meat/protein component. For example -

          fish or chicken tacos
          stir fries
          risottos that include vegetables like brocolli florettes and pieces of fish, seafood or chicken.

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          1. re: masha

            Thank you all for your suggestions!!!

          2. May I ask what you mean by "healthy cooking"?

            There is nothing inherently unhealthy about "meat and potatoes". Beef, chicken, game meats, etc. can all be preparted in a manner that is both low in saturated fats, sodium, and/or calories (if any of those items are concerns for your husband).

            Conversly, many types of salads and soups can be "unhealthy" esp. if said salad is drenched in dressings loaded with saturated fats. Same with soups -- a cream of broccoli soup is no more "healthy" than a slice of sirloin with some roasted potatoes and, in fact, may be more unhealthy.

            It should be noted that dietary cholesterol has very little affect on blood cholesterol (i.e. HDL or LDL levels).

            If you are concerned about your LDL levels, I would suggest making "meat and potato" dishes that are low in saturated fats, but that also contain hearth healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

            So, maybe buy a lean beef loin, pan sear it with some EVOO (good source of monounsaturated fats), then sautee some potatoes in EVOO and top with crushed walnuts (good source of polyunsaturated fats).

            So bottom line ... cook and eat foods you and your husband enjoy, but just modify them to be more heart healthy. Life's too short to eat foods you don't enjoy, even if it means you'll live longer -- in fact, esp. if it means you'll live longer. Who wants to live to be 100+ if it means simply more years of eating what you don't enjoy?

            Hope this helps and good luck and health to you.