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Dec 16, 2010 07:02 AM

Pizzera Bianco tonight - still mad crazy there?

Thinking about trying to get in for dinner tonight - any current strategies to suggest? Is it best to be there just before 5 or just after? All suggestions welcomed. We have been to PHX many, many times and haven't felt like braving it but with the weather forecast today and thinking folks may be busy shopping it might work.


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  1. Lots of people in town this time of year - I haven't been since March, but my guess is yes. Honestly, as much as I've enjoyed it in the past, I'd still say skip it and head to Pomo in Scottsdale.

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    1. re: azhotdish

      We got there at 4:45pm and we just missed getting seated immediately since we were 3. The 2 behind us got in. We waited next door for an hour and it was fine, we had a glass of wine and a cheese platter.

      I had a salad [greens with vinaigrette] which I would pass on. We ordered 2 pizzas: Margharita with fennel sausage and another Margharita with roasted onions.

      Well, this is off my bucket list and while it was good, it was not up to the hype.

      I will take Zero Otto Nove Restaurant on Arthur Avenue in The Bronx anytime. I WOULD wait 2 hours for their pizza.

      1. re: DebitNM

        Ah ha! I actually visited Zero Otto Nove in October, and it was quite good (although the birthday singing got old, quick) - couple of friends who live on City Island took us there. However, I found the pizza at Keste in the West Village to be superior to ZON. The owner of Keste really knows what he's doing.

        Next time you're in Phoenix, check out Pomo. Thanks for your feedback on Bianco.

        1. re: DebitNM

          There is a certain something missing without maestro Bianco's hands in the kitchen anymore.

          The salad is the one menu item that I haven't bothered to try. I'm sure it's good, but really, it's a simple green salad. The antipasto platter is the knockout home run first course. That plate got me happily scarfing down vegetables I normally despise. I think on the pizza, it is best to stick to the pies as they are on the menu. The Margherita is a study in pizza simplicity: Crust, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, that's it. Anything else on it is a distraction. And if you were in the mood for sausage and onions, you REALLY should have tried the Wiseguy. It's my favorite pizza there.

          While I do think that Bianco's has gone downhill some, and that is quite overhyped, I do still greatly enjoy every time that I go there.

          1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            Please, don't get me wrong, the pizza was good. Am I glad I did it yesterday? Yes. Would I wait an hour to do it again? No.
            We had a nice hour to chat with our [PHX residen]t son, a nice cheese plate, and wine.

            I should have known to pass on the salad. I would have done antipasto if we hadn't had cheese platter.

            The crust was thin, but not crispy, in fact the point of the slice was bending down. The wiseguy would have worked except son wouldn't eat onions. I would have loved the basil to be torn instead of whole leaves so that I could get a bit in each bite.

            Again, it was about the experience and the pizza. So, all in all, I am glad we went. Will have to check out Pomo.

            1. re: DebitNM

              Try Humble Pie. Beats PB hands down, with way better salads and none of the fuss and BS.

              Humble Pie
              6149 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250