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Dec 16, 2010 06:35 AM

Pimiento Cheese Spread, how long?

I made the spread for a get together last evening and unfortunately guests were detained and we ended up not eating the cheese spread. Now I'm wondering if it will hold in the refrigerator (it hasn't sat out at all) until Christmas. The only ingredients are extra sharp cheddar cheese, pimientos with their juice, a clove of crushed garlic and pepper. It tastes wonderful so I hate to dump it, however the recipe that I used says it will keep for a day or two. What do you think?

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  1. I use a different recipe and usually hold mine a week or so. (Then it's usually gone.) Christmas might be pushing it.

    If it were me, I'd buy and process a head of celery and have at it!

    Edited to add: No mayo? Maybe it would freeze? Can't say I've ever tried to.

    1. The garlic and the pimiento juice both say "no" to me. Not enough acid. Pimiento cheese sandwiches for lunch?

      I would freeze it and then use it to make queso for football games! :)

      1. Mm, you may find that it'll start to mold on the top before long, a few days, tops; pimentoes are notorious for fermenting pretty quickly, and as LauraGrace stated, there is not enough acid to prevent spoilage. Get out the celery and eat it up.

        Ok, I reread your post and you made it with extra sharp cheddar; I was initially thinking cream cheese. It very well may last until Christmas, but why take a chance, and then'll you'll really have to throw it out. I bet it would freeze quite well though.

        1. It doesn['t take that long to make pimiento cheese. I would go ahead and enjoy it now, then make more for Christmas. Almost 2 weeks is on the long side to keep it. It's great for sandwiches by itself, on hamburgers, hot dogs, crackers, celery - so eat it up and enjoy.

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            Thanks all for your input. There's only two of us so I'm afraid there is no way we are going to be able to use it up. I guess I'll just dump it in a couple of days. Too bad since there is about 12 ounces of really good cheese in it.

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              Oh, I'd say send some to me, but you're pretty far away, and it'd be NG by the time it got here. No neighbors to share with? Maybe a smallish, clean out the frig, inpromptu cocktail party possibility? Freeze it, I think it would work, grated cheese freezes just fine.

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                hey there b-girl, what is in your new screenpic? baby chicks-in-egg yolks?

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                  A bowl of slightly anxious egg yolks, haha.

          2. I'd love to know the recipe...I grew up with pimiento cheese and I too love to make it with extra sharp high quality cheddar and when I really want to splurge, I use Spanish piquillo peppers instead of pimientos. But every recipe I've ever seen has at least a bit of mayo. Sounds like the pepper liquid was enough to get it to come together...??