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Dec 16, 2010 06:18 AM

Where to eat in the West Palm Beach area on Christmas

We have a foodie family, and need to find somewhere to eat on Christmas day in the West Palm Beach area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Did you find a place? Is the Breakers worth the 125 per person?

    1. I'm not familiar with the WPB area but, if it's like every other place in the US Christmas day, your best bet is to find a really good Chinese restaurant. That's become our traditional Christmas day lunch because there's nothing else open in the area of SE PA where we live.

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        Has anyone tried The Breakers Christmas Feast?

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          Try posting this question on the Miami-FT Lauderdale board, they get a lot of Palm Beach County response

      2. The West Palm Beach Marriott foodservice operation is headed by Ellis Cooley, and he is an amazing chef. If Chinese doesn't float your boat, I'd see what his property is offering.

        1. Easy way to find something as a starting off point is to enter the date on Open Table with parameters that you might like. I'd steer clear of Chinese unless you are looking to re-enact A Christmas Story scene. <G>

          Quick look brought up many places. Some non-hotel choices are: Charlie's Crab, Nick and Johnny's and Renatos. Some don't open until 6 p.m. I use Open Table more and more as they get greater traffic than Chowhound these days. There are enough discerning palates that use their service to get a handle on what a restaurant might be like. You won't get Chowhound dive recs there however.

          I like Renato's A Palm Beach favorite for many many years. Lovely ambiance.
          Nick and Johnnies appears to be part of a local group of restaurants. More casual. Search here, read reviews here and on Open Table, maybe Zagat.

          Charlie's Crab has an ocean front location (looking across the narrow hwy). It has been in Palm Beach for at least 40 years. It might be an interesting sociological study, the old money white shoe Palm Beacher in his habitat (Renato's has similar clientele, or at least it had when I was last there)

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              havana grille forest hill and dixie in west palm beach never closes, excellent cuban food to the finest or primanti brothers on ft laud beach never closes

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                I've lived in Florida 17 years and have yet to find an excellent Chinese restaurant. Once about 12 years ago there was a nice on near Cape Canaveral but there are very few here in Florida. We are not like most metropolitan areas in this regard.

            2. Hello, if you are looking for Thai cuisine and/or Sushi, Kabuki is open on Christmas Day for both West Palm Beach ( Clematis Street) and Palm Beach Gardens Locations. We also deliver in the area.