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Nov 11, 2005 07:46 PM

Best Steakhouse in LA

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I want to go to the best steakhouse in LA. Has anyone been to Nick and Stef's? How is it? Any other recs?


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  1. Mastro's in Beverly Hills is the best in my not at all humble opinion. The Palm in WeHo is the second best.

    I know others will post their own (differing) opinions.

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    1. re: Dorothy

      The steak at Mastro's is big but flavorless. I love all their sides and apps. But the most delicious steaks are at JAR. Hands down. Everything else there is great too- Best fries. Purple yams. Banana cream pie.

      1. re: Dorothy

        Thanks so much for your recs. I ended up just going to Nick and Stef's because it had been on my to-try list for such a long time. The steaks were really good (we ordered the Hangar steak and the dry-aged New York strip). Although I would say that they both were equally delicious and the hangar steak was a lot less expensive. (If you're a steak afficionado go for the new york strip. If you like steak in general -- like me -- then the hangar steak would have been perfectly adequate.)

        The oysters were terrific. The iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing was good, but they didn't douse it in blue cheese dressing. I kind of like that total debauched aspect of most steak houses. It was a bit missing here.

        The chanterelle mushroom side was kind of bland. Really the only part of the meal that was a bit disappointing.

        The mashed potatoes were really incredible. I'm sure they must have had a pound of butter in them.

        The martini was smallish (especially compared to the bathtub martinis at Morton's.)

        Service was excellent. (The waitress even told us not to order dessert because they apparently order them from outside the restaurant. I always appreciate that kind of waitstaff honesty.) The ambience was OK, a little eighties. I prefer the old school Pacific Dining Car/Morton's ambience myself. Prices were pretty fair for a fancy steak house. The sides were especially affordable (I believe $5 to $6 a side).

        All in all, a pretty good experience. Next time I'm going to try Mastro's. Or just go back to Ruth's Chris. I have to say the best steak I've ever had was at Ruth's Chris. Probably because of the butter.

        thanks so much for all your recommendations.

      2. Just don't eat at Morton's. Pretentious at best.

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        1. re: Jerseyboy

          Many on this board love Morton's, but the Beverly Hills location on La Cienega seems to be the only one to get that acclaim.

          1. re: carter

            I've had several meals at the Santa Ana/So. Coast Plaza location. I once hosted a meal for 10 for business associates. I've always been treated well there and the staff has been great. The food is always just what I expect -- not the finest on the planet, but worth the tariff.

            Among the business associates at the event I mentioned, there were a couple who were clearly unaccustomed to a meal that cost what a meal at Morton's costs. The waiter could not have been more pleasant, professional or tactful. He was very helpful in putting them at ease.

        2. Nic and Stefs is good but not great. IIRC they dry age and they have great sweet potato/ginger fries and an unbelievable burger (order at happy hour for 1/2 price). Service is good and swift.

          My money (and lots of it) must go to Mastros. Besides the great cuts of eat, my order is usually the bone in filet, they have great sides (try the onion rings) as well as the best bread basket around. The gorgonzola mac and cheese is good though not mind blowing. The shrimp cockail, served with dry ice, is more show than anything else and the horseraish sauce is way too strong IMHO. I've been meaning to try the seafood tower, which you customize to taste, but its VERY expensive.


          1. Guys, didn't we have this exact same topic (even the subject line was identical) a bit further down on the board?

            See link below. My steakhouse recs are contained in a response thread to the original query.