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Dec 16, 2010 05:52 AM

Spaghetti eis (Spaghetti ice)

We just came back from Germany, where we had a very interesting dessert called Spaghettieis. It is vanilla ice cream, run through a spaetzle press to look like strands of pasta. It's topped with strawberry jam.preserves, grated coconut, and garnished with little chocolate balls.

Someone used to market a Spaghetti Ice Maker, but internet searches for one have been futile. What I really need is a spaezle press. I don't want to spend a bundle because I will probably get them for my sister and my grandkids as well. Does anyone have any recommnedations?

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  1. Couldn't you use a sturdy potato ricer? That seems like a good fake-out.

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    1. Yes, maybe a potato ricer with interchangeable plates, some have fairly large holes. There was a spaetzle press discussion on the boards here recently; maybe do a search for more info and product recommendations:

      Here's the link for the thread:

      Here's the ricer with interchangeable plates, a bit pricy, though:

      Here's another quite sturdy model: