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Dec 16, 2010 05:49 AM

Where to buy wild caught salmon

I'm looking for good wild caught salmon (to make smoked salmon for a gift) and wonder if anyone can suggest the best place to buy it?

We are going to check the fancy grocers (whole foods and central market) but any smaller fishmonger's out there that might be good and have fresh fish?


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  1. Wild salmon is seasonal, from April to November.

    1. Recommend Seafood depot just west of Weston Rd north of Steeles just south of the 407

      81 Aviva Park Drive

      The freshest and best prices in the GTA they have both wild salmon and Smoked salmon !

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      1. re: gjdowell

        That must be some damn fine salmon to have to go all the way to Toronto to get it.

      2. Two of the best small fishmongers in Dallas:
        TJ's recent email newsletter says they have fresh, wild King Salmon in the shop now.
        Rex Seafood on Lovers Lane is another place I would try.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          FYI, tj's has previously frozen columbia river king right now. we HOPED to get a fresh shipment of alaskan ocean caught kings but they boats just aren't catching it right now.

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            Some information on the months that fresh, wild salmon are available. King salmon is not available wild and fresh this time of year, in fact, it's a summer season salmon:


          2. Yeah, tough to find wild salmon this time of year. My suggestion would be to buy TJ's, (Bay of Fundy) farmed salmon (the best!) and do your smoked salmon with it. It is without a doubt, the very best farmed salmon I've ever had!

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            1. re: twinwillow

              You can find it easily, but frozen or thawed, not fresh caught.

              1. re: mcf


                actually during the winter you will get an occasional catch of ocean-caught wild pacific king salmon, but you just can't count on it.

                when the king salmon aren't spawning, they are still out there in the ocean, just a lot harder to catch and not as loaded up with the fat deposits they develop to fuel them during their up-river journey.

                but the flash frozen product is fantastic this time of year. the fat and oil in spawn-season kings help it freeze well. its not quite as firm as fresh salmon, but the taste is basically the same.

                1. re: JonFromTJs

                  Well, we agree on one thing: that properly handled, flash frozen wild caught fish can be very, very good, and I buy it myself. I just want purveyors to be up front and honest about which they're selling.