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3 oz. heat-resistant shot glasses for SOUP?

Hi There~~

I want to do a soup course at my Christmas cocktail hour and need 30 small slender shot-type glasses to fill with hot soup. I've looked at a gazillion sites- everything from Crate and Barrel to restaurant supply companies and most are 2 oz.

I was even thinking lab vials in a lab crate right out of a science laboratory.

Is there any company you could recommend? Any ideas?

Holiday Blessings,

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  1. At 3 oz, you are probably more likely to find a cocktail or martini glass. http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/l... Could these work for you?

    1. I saw some 5 oz ones made by Libbey @ Target the other day. Here's a link to them on another site:


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        LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVRELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE you guys! I ordered a set of both! The wonders of the internet! :) Many Thanks and all things delish!

      2. How did these work out? I was thinking about the same thing for a holiday cocktail party this year and was doing a similar search. I like the straight sides of the LIbbey set, but wondered if 5 oz size was too big for a "shot" of soup.

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          After every member of her party suffered second degree burns to the interior of their mouths from drinking hot soup from a shot glass the OP, ZenFoodist, was sued beyond what her insurance would pay. She no long can afford a computer and will be unable to answer your question.

          We apologize for any inconvenience.

          1. I got a pile of these for my husband's espresso since I have a habit of breaking espresso cups. $2/ea. Plus you get a little saucer.

            1. Can you find Duralex glasses? Some years back (on this site too), I was looking for them, but they are back in production now. http://www.duralex.com/produits.html (The Duralex site is also in English).

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                Some of those look excellent, with lots of sizes available. They aren't all available in the U.S., it seems but definitely on the list. Thanks!

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                  They are wonderful. I bought most of mine when working in Europe (France and Netherlands) but also found some right here in Montréal, though stocks varied. At a place called Warshaw, which I remember well from my youth, when it was in the neighbourhood where I lived then. Now it is at Atwater Market in southwestern Mtl: http://www.warshawmaison.ca/

                  I bought six of the tiny (espresso or shot sized) glasses there, very cheap.

              2. You could also try small Styrofoam cups, although IMHO, then can't handle liquids that are TOO hot: