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Dec 16, 2010 05:21 AM

ISO cookie decorating supplies

I'm taking a break from pies to make christmas cookies. I have pastry bags, I have food coloring gel but the one thing I always have trouble finding is a fine enough piping tip for making a thin line with royal icing. The little four-pack of tips you can get at the grocery store just doesn't cut it.

The cake decorating store next to Verna's donut (Verna's Cake Decorating?) was my old go-to but that's closed.

Any suggestions?

Preferably in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, Belmont or Lexington.

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  1. How about Burlington? Sur La Table in the mall has piping tips of many sizes.

    1. Any craft store will have these...Michael's, AC Moore etc.

      1. iParty also carries a big selection of the Wilton tips if that's easier for you to get to. I was recently at Sur La Table in Burlington and saw a big selection of baking pans but not a ton of tips FYI.

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          Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I went to Ben Franklin in Belmont this weekend. They had the same four-set you can get at most grocery stores but not good ones like Wilton.