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Dec 16, 2010 04:53 AM

Good Lunch spots in the Weston and Finch Area

I recently started working around Weston Road and Finch West and am looking for some lunch recommendations. I have been going to Pho Dau Bo and surviving on decent bahn mi found in the same plaza. I am willing to drive 15 minutes and would love to find a good Charles Yu hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, good Indian, Thai and Italian food. Please help!

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  1. At the NE corner of Finch and Milvan, there is a Hakka place that is worth trying.

    I wish it was closer, then I'd go there more often.

    And at 9 Milvan drive (just north of Hakka no 1) is a Latin plaza which I haven't visited in around 10 year. It used to have small "stall" style places selling food and it's worth going over as you may find something interesting there.

    1. In the same plaza at Pho Dau Bo you can try the reliable bun at Peach Garden. Yes, that bahn mi place is quite good.

      If you're in the car, at the north east corner of Steeles and Weston is Steeles Garden which has a decent Chinese Canadian steam table lunch special, with three items for a bit over $5. No msg and the owners are really nice.

      Peach Garden
      45 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B2H9, CA