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Dec 15, 2010 07:47 PM

Somewhere to end a romantic night...maybe w/ dessert?

So, i've planned an evening out with my husband. I'm going for romantic, but not flowery. so far, we;re going to R2L for a sunset cocktail, then on to James for dinner. I would like to tack on a place to end the evening with a drink and maybe dessert of nothing jumps out at us at James. I was thinking about Franklin M & I Co., but my husband is a beer guy who will drink wine every once in a while - never liquor though. But that's the vibe I'm going for...dark romance.

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  1. Right around the corner from James: La Golosa, very nice dessert place.

    1. Less on the romance side (mmm to some.. I like it ) but Monk's fits the dessert bill. Promise.

      La Golosa is super good too though.

      Ok and a third... I did a similar night (went to James too... weird!) and we went to Chick's after for the creme brulee... yumm

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        I was also going to recommend Chick's Wine Bar. Good beer/wine/cocktails. Desserts I've had there were tasty.