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Dec 15, 2010 07:16 PM

Where to buy Biscotti?


I've run out of time and just cannot make biscotti to include in a gift basket. Does anyone know where I can purchase delicious biscotti in the Twin Cities area, preferably on the East Side (definitely not the Norther 'Burbs. TOO FAR!)

Also, would I be able to freeze it this weekend to give next weekend? If so, how best do I do that?


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  1. these are great, locally made, sold many places including bibelot on grand ave. website gives a full list of local retail outlets-

    1. You could also try Buon Giorno in Lilydale. I don't know what they currently have in stock for biscotti, but they've definitely had it in the past. You'd be very likely to find very high quality biscotti there.

      1. Two Smart Cookies in St. Paul makes them, but you'd have to call and order them. I don't know logistics, but they might still be warm when you picked them up. I stopped in tonight after work and one of the gals was eating one, which made me think of this thread, so I asked.

        1. Cossetta's. I can't speak to individual brands, but they should have a few imported from Italy.