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Where to buy Biscotti?

Inasuitcase Dec 15, 2010 07:16 PM


I've run out of time and just cannot make biscotti to include in a gift basket. Does anyone know where I can purchase delicious biscotti in the Twin Cities area, preferably on the East Side (definitely not the Norther 'Burbs. TOO FAR!)

Also, would I be able to freeze it this weekend to give next weekend? If so, how best do I do that?


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    faith RE: Inasuitcase Dec 15, 2010 07:29 PM

    these are great, locally made, sold many places including bibelot on grand ave. website gives a full list of local retail outlets-


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      foreverhungry RE: Inasuitcase Dec 16, 2010 11:46 AM

      You could also try Buon Giorno in Lilydale. I don't know what they currently have in stock for biscotti, but they've definitely had it in the past. You'd be very likely to find very high quality biscotti there.

      1. s
        semanticantics RE: Inasuitcase Dec 16, 2010 02:35 PM

        Two Smart Cookies in St. Paul makes them, but you'd have to call and order them. I don't know logistics, but they might still be warm when you picked them up. I stopped in tonight after work and one of the gals was eating one, which made me think of this thread, so I asked.

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          steve_in_stpaul RE: Inasuitcase Dec 16, 2010 04:27 PM

          Cossetta's. I can't speak to individual brands, but they should have a few imported from Italy.

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