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Dec 15, 2010 07:06 PM

Colatura di Alici

I got a bottle of Colatura di Alici the other day. I'm wanted to experiment using it. Does anyone have any suggestions for use other than for fish? I'd appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks!

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  1. - sauté some sliced or crushed garlic in olive oil until fragrant, stir in a little of the colatura, and toss the sauce with pasta or vegetables.
    - use it in a dressing for Caesar salad.
    - whisk into mayonnaise (preferably homemade) along with garlic, lemon juice, pepper & fresh herbs - use as a sandwich spread; or in egg salad, potato salad, or chicken salad; or as a dipping sauce for french fries or fried calamari

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      goodhealthgourmet's pasta recipe is a campanian classic. We ate in Ercolano and it is delicious (a little parsley never hurts) Arthur Schwarz offers a version of this recipe which also includes chopped walnuts. in the saute.

    2. whenever you need to use anchovies.
      as goodhealthgourmet says, colatura is wonderful with pasta. i add lots of parsley, lemon juce and zest. and mix all together.
      i use it when i make chicken with vinegar, at the beginning, when i sautee the minced garlic and rosemary, i add the colatura. ... with steamed vegetables, like cauliflowers.
      it is a wonderful and versatile ingredients which enhances the taste of any dish.
      gook luck!

      1. Following up on goodhealthgourmet's mention of using it with pasta - the New York Times had an article about the history of colatura and also a specific recipe for linguini. We make it all the time and love it (although we reduce the colatura down to 3-4 T.). You can easily do a search for the article.

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          My wife's grandmother made linguini with garlic and anchovies - very rustic and pretty darn great. You can do the same dish with colatura.

        2. Thanks to everyone for these great ideas. Very helpful. I really appreciate it.