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Dec 15, 2010 06:41 PM

I-95 to Bowie, MD from NYC, Friday night dinner--in the vicinity?

Driving to Bowie, MD and need a dinner spot for Friday night, will most likely be in the vicinity around 7:00pm, staying at Comfort inn conference center for one night----would prefer to be pretty close to hotel area,,,so Baltimore is a bit too far--and not familiar with surrounding areas of Bowie--.well behaved 5.5 year old in tow..looking for kid friendly (burger or meatball/pasta on menu), great-excellent food, moderate prices, clean--safe area (will leave stuff in car)--open to new american, or italian, since kid option needed---thanks for the advice from some locals....

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  1. Bowie is a mecca of middling chain restaurants (which might be perfect, depending on 5+yo's state of mind). Check for other nearby options. You'll pass through Crofton on rt3 south a few miles before reaching Bowie.

    1. Oh my goodness. You will be right in the vicinity of the best crabcakes in the region, if not anywhere. Jerry's Seafood. In the Bowie Town Center. They don't take reservations, so you may have to wait in line for a while, but the new location has plenty of indoor waiting space. It is ideal for someone with a kid.

      The crab bisque is also great, but very rich!

      Make sure you go to the one in Bowie Town Center. The old one has very little parking, is very small, and no place to wait indoors.

      Jerry's Seafood Restaurant
      15211 Major Lansdale Blvd, Bowie, MD 20716

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        Bowie and its surrounding area is surround by chain resturants so the food will not be off the charts. DuClaw Brewing Company in the Bowie Town Center has a decent menu and the food is a step above LoneStar, and AppleBee's.

        The one good resturant in the area is East moon off of 450 -Annapolis Road - food here is top notch Thai, sushi, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese food

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          OP -- Jerry's isn't at Bowie Town Center, it's across 197 near the movie theatre complex.

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            Oh, OK. I think of that entire area as Bowie Town Center. Sorry about that. Well, she's got the website and direction.

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              I just didn't want them driving around the town center in frustration ;-)

        2. Here are my Bowie recs, taking into account your desires:
          Jerry's Seafood may not be within your price range
          Grace's Fortune (above average Chinese American, nice ambience) Freestate Mall on Rte 450
          Half Moon Bistro (sushi, Thai), High Bridge Plaza, Rte 450 and High Bridge Road
          Texas Roadhouse (steaks, ribs), a chain, same location
          ...and not a bad little Mexican place right behind your hotel - Monterey - if you're done driving.

          Grace's Fortune Restaurant
          15500 Annapolis Rd # 115, Bowie, MD

          Texas Roadhouse
          6011 High Bridge Rd, Bowie, MD 20720

          Jerry's Seafood Restaurant
          15211 Major Lansdale Blvd, Bowie, MD 20716

          1. Earlier today there was a great rec for the pork chops at Carrabba's Italian Grill by Alkapel (who always has insightful posts). It is right across the street from the hotel. Would satisfy the munchkin, and maybe you have a nice meal as well.


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              Thank you for all the suggestions, just returned back to NY from traveling to Bowie. Took the suggestion of Carrabba's because we got in late, and it was just near to the hotel. Place was crowded, waited a short bit--and frankly, the food was fairly awful, and not cheap either. I can see what you mean about it being a mecca of chains----spaghetti and meatball came out freshly microwaved in about 10 seconds after I ordered it for my kid--had an offputting was uncomfortable, ugly, and loud. Server was nice, though. Got a house salad, that was "raved" about on yelp..oh please? lettuce, carrots that tasted 6 days old, and dressing that was vile, to be kind--a white pizza with sundried tomatoes, that made california pizza kitchen pizza taste like Difara's in Brooklyn...don't even know if I should go on..hubbie's pasta was nothing either...anyway, fairly lousy meal------the buffet breakfast in the hotel was hideous, desperate for a decent meal on the long ride home sat night--we stopped at Anthony's Coal oven Pizza in Wilmington Delaware--fantastic meal (we go to the one in Fl when we visit there, and there is now one in Long Island NY that we go to all the time)--great chicken wings with rosemary carmelized onions, eggplant, meatballs, fresh good salad. foccaccio, pizza, everything great...............too bad there isn't one closer in Maryland somewhere....also, heard from some relatives of ours that the Bowie Grill place had good crabcakes..guess we should have headed there instead of Carrabba's...anyway...if that's the best of the chains in Bowie, i would last about a day there.....