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Dec 15, 2010 06:30 PM

Dropped (and now dented) cusinart food processor blade - safe to use?

Hi all,

I dropped my cuisinart food processor blade (the standard S-shaped one) on my hard kitchen tile, and the tip instantenously got damaged/dented, folding over a bit. There were also a few tiny metal shavings on the tip near where it got damaged, which I wiped off.

Can I assume the blade is no longer safe to use? I'd guess the metal is now weakened at the tip and can fall off into my food over time??

BTW, this raises a related question: when our knife blades dull over time, does any metal come off into our food -- or is the metal just flattening/getting bent out of shape and there's no actual loss of metal? How about when knives (like Shun) chip over time - isn't this unsafe if the chips fall into our food, unbeknownst to us?

Many thanks, as always!

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  1. I think you are fine, unless the bending or metal loss is so severe as to make the blade act like a propeller or screw, so that it starts to climbs up and off the spindle. Try it (with all the guards in place) and see.

    As to metal flakes, so little SS could possibly come off the blade that it would be of little toxicological or health concern. If you judge that enough has come off to chip a tooth, just trash that food, clean well, and try again.

    Yes, with heavy use the blades can dull. Most are serrated so that dulling is slow and moderated.

    [Another here may disagree with me, in which case you should believe him/her if he/she claims to have decades of experience.]

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      well you can't exactly even turn it on without all the guards in place...

      if you're really worried about it breaking off, take some needle-nose pliers and snap off that bent tip.

      1. re: hill food

        hill food: "[Y]ou can't exactly even turn it on without all the guards in place..."

        I can and do. That's what the metal skewer is for to depress the safety interlock on my broken Cuisinart!

        But I was referring to the small pusher insert, so that if anything untoward happened, the shards would stay inside. :)

        1. re: kaleokahu

          K: ahhh, so yours is a "customized" model!

          start off with a "dry" run and then again with some essentially inedible thing like vegetable peels you weren't going to use anyway. or file off the bent tip (assuming it's a very small % of the blade)

          1. re: hill food

            hill food: Good advice, and I'd add: Look closely BEFORE, so you know it's the same as after.

    2. That sucker is rotating pretty damn fast inside that machine. Any lost mass on one side is going to cause an imbalance. Like hill said, give a dry run with old bread or something. Depending on the motor and bearing it may work fine. If it were me, I'd spring for a new blade

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      1. re: Gatogrande

        I would generally agree. Although, without seeing the blade, it's difficult to determine the extent of the damage. I would not break of the bent piece, I would likely try to bend it back straight (i.e. the way it was). If you remove mass then that thing is really going to be out of balance, and that would be a hazzard. SS is not going suffer significant metal fatigue from one slight bend to become a projectile.

        As far as where does the metal go, well most is lost during sharpening, the amount lost during cutting is neglegable, unless you are cutting diamonds, or something more abrassive than onions. ;)

        1. re: mikie

          The blade will be unbalanced. Don't mess with it. Repair parts are available; one place thawhich has good selection of repair parts and excellent service is Goodman's in Miami. They list all parts in their online catalog.

          good luck.

          1. re: mikie

            Thanks so much, you all! I was more concerned about little slivers of sharp metal falling into food during processing, unbeknownst to me/whoever eats my food, if the metal has weakened at the bent part -- but you all have raised other issues now to worry about ! So looks like I'll toss this.

            But still wondering about where the metal that chips off Shun and other relatively 'brittle' knives etc ends up. Seems scary -- not so much ingesting metal but ingesting sharp blade bits!

            Thanks again.

          2. re: Gatogrande

            yeah it'll be off balance, but the weight of the blade is next to nothing so the centrifugal force isn't really that high. it's not like it's a flywheel designed to maintain momentum or anything. the only danger I can perceive of is if the plastic haft were cracked and broke apart during use. but even if that happened the rotor shaft would no longer have traction and just spin uselessly.

            1. re: hill food

              Hill, so you wouldn't worry about little bits of blade snapping off into the food, where the metal is bent/weakened?

              1. re: iyc_nyc

                only the part that's been stressed, but not slivers, if you break it off or it breaks off, give the rough edge a good file and I wouldn't worry about it. (although if you leave it intact I would check it after each use, hence my proactive suggestion of just snapping it off, but on the other hand maybe order a replacement bade and just use this as a stopgap until it arrives)