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Dec 15, 2010 04:36 PM

kid-friendly lunch / brunch suggestions in or near pleasantville?

We're taking the kids, their grandparents and an aunt and uncle up to pleasantville this Sunday for It's A Wonderful Life (showing at 12pm). I'm really unfamiliar with the area but would like to know some good options for a family lunch / brunch for immediately afterwards. Our kids are 4 and 8..... and I'm looking for some place that's comfortable and not too pricey.

I guess near the theater would be ideal but I'm open to considering the surrounding towns as well.


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  1. Jean-Jacques is walking distance from the theater and has something for everyone. Their menus are available online.

    1. Just so you know, Jean Jacques is a brightly lit order-at-the-counter, bring-your-tray-to-the-table kind of place. If you're looking for a regular restaurant experience, consider McArthur's American Grille. Not great food in either place, honestly, but both offer a huge array of choices. McArthur's is just across from the theater, next to the bookstore. And there's always the diner, just across the train tracks. Enjoy the movie!

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        thanks spa - looking more for table service. i may just go for that diner.

        1. re: rafi

          rafi, Way better food at Jean-Jacques (and I eat at all three places fairly regularly). It isn't a cafeteria, it's a beautiful space, but you don't get table service. Order your food, sit down, and they'll call you when the food is ready.

          Why not just take a quick look when you get to Pleasantville--the diner and JJ are a block from each other.

          1. re: Elisa515

            good call. i'll check the place out. thanks.

          2. re: rafi

            Also, Le Jardin du Roi in nearby Chappaqua has a great brunch and is child friendly. certainly a little bit fancier-better food, but mmMcArthurs is extremely convenient There is also the pleasantville diner up the street from the theatre.
            Pleasantville Colonial Diner
            Place page
            10 Memorial Plz Pleasantville, NY 10570 - (914) 769-8585

            19 reviews

            Pleasantville Colonial Diner
            10 Memorial Plz, Pleasantville, NY 10570

            1. re: rafi

              I ate at McArthur's once with a buy one entree, get one free coupon, and it felt like a rip off even at half off. Skip it.

          3. Pony Express next to the Iron Horse at the train station. Same owners. Excellent food. I bring my 6 and 8 year old fussy boys to eat there all the time. Highly recommended.

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            1. re: LorenV

              i see that place gets nice praise but does it have room for 8 people to sit and eat?

              1. re: rafi

                No to seating at Pony Express. Jean-Jacques is good for kids (lots of parents and kids there at lunchtime on weekends) and the food is pretty good, but you may have to wait a bit for a seat all together if you go at a peak time.... shouldn't be a problem if you go after lunchtime as your movie time seem to indicate. As Elisa515 said, there's no table service. If you head west to Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown after you'd probably open up some other options.

                1. re: rafi

                  You might luck out--it depends on the time. It does have really good food but seating is tough for a big group. Boy, Pleasantville could really use more options downtown.

                  Two more thoughts, though:

                  Bollywood Bistro (Indian), if everyone's OK with Indian. I think they have things like chicken fingers if that helps with the kids. It's on Wheeler, around the corner to the left from the theater.

                  Lucio's Pizza, which also has pizza and pasta and salads and soups. It's pretty good and larger than most pizza places so easier for a big group. It's on Washington, the street right in front of the theater. Walk by the bookstore and McArthurs on your left.--it's just up the street a bit. And then you can go to Flour and Sun for cupcakes afterwards. Everyone will like that!

                  Bollywood Bistro
                  68 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

                  1. re: spa

                    Good call on Lucio's. They offer more than pizza too. Had a Buffalo chicken calzone there that was very good. And bigger than my head.

                    And pimp Denise's cupcakes! Right up the street, for the kids, is Try And Buy Toy Store too.

                    All your vices in one little area.