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Dec 15, 2010 04:31 PM

pizza and football in Hamden/New Haven?

We are looking for a place where about 10 or 12 of us old friends can gather that has good, affordable eats (pizza, italian, anything decent) and perhaps a few TVs for football watching on a Sunday afternoon. I was thinking about Eli's on Whitney, but the prices are a little steep and parking is terrible. Any suggestions from my chowhound buds? Thanks!

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  1. The heck w/elis....How about SBC in Hamden, near the high school. No pizza, but decent food and can accomodate a large crew. Side st grill, maybe, tho 10 or 12 might be an issue

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      OK Let me say that I have only had a few appetizers at this place but the food I see coming out of the kitchen looks good, That being said you might try Scoreboard, It is tucked away on Linden St, in New Haven off Amity Rd behind People's Bank (exit 59 on Rt 15) Several TVs. A nice sports bar.