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Dry Aged Prime Beef on the South Shore

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I'm willing (and expecting) to have to drive off Cape so any recs south of Boston or east of Providence?

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  1. I'm in RI and was looking for a large piece (whole strip and whole rib eye) of dry aged last summer and in the end had to order from NY (Otomanelli's on Bleecker)- Most places seem to do choice dry aged...

    Savenor's has some, also call Whole Foods - they definitely have dry aged, not sure if it's prime or choice. Let me know if/where you find it!

    Also.... there is a new place called Persimmon Provisions in Warren RI (it's a little far for you) but they seem to do very high end meats - maybe worth a call

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      I'd consider Choice if I couldn't find prime but want the dry aged.

    2. I was at Venda on Federal Hill 2 weeks ago and they had dry aged prime rib roast
      was $16/lb on special down from $18/lb, but they actually sold it to me for $14/lb
      I got a 1 1/2 lb steak cut from it for around $22

      Constantine's Venda Ravioli
      265 Atwells Avenue
      (401) 421-9105

      Venda Ravioli
      265 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

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        That could be misleading - as the cut is called prime rib - but certainly could have been.

      2. Whole Foods in Hingham has obscenely priced dry aged beef.

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          Oh goodie...it is crummy too?

          LOL....define obscenely priced please.

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            I've never tried their meats. I saw the aging locker behind the butcher counter when I breezed through last week. The meat was not Prime. It was graded Choice or better. IIRC Strip steaks were $18.50 #. Porterhouse & rib eyes were $19.99 #. I would gladly pay more if they were Prime but I think that's pretty steep for Choice+. Obscene maybe a bit harsh but the Whole Foods experience gave me sticker shock.

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              Given the amount of shrinkage that results from dry aging, those prices sound quite reasonable, even for choice. I would expect anywhere from 50% higher to double if it were Prime.