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Dec 15, 2010 03:43 PM

Recs for gift certificate for brother and fiance to nice restaurant in Philadelphia?

I'm planning on giving them $100 towards a nice meal. It doesn't have to cover the entire meal, but I'd like it to pay for a good chunk, minus wine. They're from San Francisco, have good taste in food, and generally like restaurants that exceed their student budgets (hence the gift). I was thinking about 10 Arts, Buddakan, or Osteria but am open to any suggestions. Thanks!

1 Atlantic Ocean Unit 3108, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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  1. Osteria is a great choice. You could also give them a certificate to the Garces Restaurant Group, or the Starr restaurants, either of which would give them several great choices.

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      +1 to Garces (Starr is a good second choice as well - he owns Buddakan)

    2. give an amex gift card and send the recipients to Matyson, Cochon or Bibou.

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      1. re: brightman

        Cochon and Bibou don't take credit cards.

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          True, but Bibou is selling gift certificates, and is another excellent choice. For young people on student budgets, though, the Garces restaurants tend to be more fun (and the food is delicious).

      2. I think Osteria or Amis would be good choices. Please skip 10 Arts. Starr or Garces would let them pick the restaurant themselves.
        I'd also add Zahav or Kanella

        1. When are they coming? Bibou would be my #1 choice but they close Dec 20th for two weeks.
          Matyson is also an excellent choice. Avoid the Starr factories and send them to a place where the chef and food are the stars.

          1. The owners of Lolita/Bindi/Barbuzzo are selling a gift certificate that can be used at any of the three restaurants right now, which you can buy at Open House on 13th Street. All are great choices, and Barbuzzo especially is outstanding and has been getting tons of great press.

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