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Dec 15, 2010 03:36 PM

Please help me fix my chicken soup!

I made soup today and I don't think I used enough chicken for the amount of water in the pot. The soup tastes ok, but weak... not enough chicken flavor. I have extra thighs in my freezer (should have thought of that sooner!)... Can I add them to my soup tomorrow (it's chilling in the refrigerator now) and simmer again? Or is there some other trick I should know? Any help appreciated!

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  1. I would thaw the thighs, roast them tomorrow, and just shred the meat to add to the soup. Or you could add a thickener for a cream of chicken soup, and boil a bit longer (assuming the noodles aren't in there yet), and serve it over noodles.

    1. So you just have the stock in the pot now, or have you already added other ingredients? If it is just the stock, reduce until it has the flavor you want. If you have already added other ingredients, use the thighs to make a new stock, reduce so that it is more intense and add it to the original soup.

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      1. Have you salted the soup yet? Unsalted stock tends to taste "weak" when in fact it's just under-seasoned. Experiment with a few tablespoons - you don't want to end up with a pot of salty weak soup.

        If that isn't the problem, you can cook the extra thighs in the stock. That will give you more chicken for the soup and a more flavorful stock. Another option - some might call it cheating, I'll call it "quick and dirty" - is to just stir in a little bit of Better Than Bouillon and call it good.

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          I add a chicken powder in the beginning to flavor the soup. The chicken powder can be added about 15 minutes before serving and cooked longer.

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            I was also thinking "salt". I realize it's 3 days, later, but..... Homemade stock does not taste have an extreme chicken flavor like some of the commercial products. Often times, salt is all that's needed to "punch up" the flavor. Otherwise, add the thighs as others have mentioned or buy a chicken "base" - the only problem with the bases is they normally contain a LOT of sodium so be careful lest your stock becomes too salty. I think there may be some low(er)-sodium brands

          2. Yes you can just add more backs, bones, wings,thighs or what ever and simmer again to strengthen your stock.

            1. Either reducing or cooking the thighs in the stock will get you where you want to go. BTB or Trader Joe's liquid chicken conentrate (handy because it's in ketchup-packet type packaging)
              will also work as long as you haven't already salted your stock. I disagree with the first suggestion, to roast the thighs and add shredded meat. That will just give you meat in watery broth; it won't flavor the liquid much unless it is cooked in it for a while and doing so with precooked meat would sap the flavor from the shreds.

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                You're right about merely adding roasted meat. I was going on the assumption that the 'soup' was already made, noodles and all, since the words broth or stock weren't used.