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Dec 15, 2010 03:01 PM

Zapopan 100% agave at TJs. Anyone tried it?

So, I'm in Trader Joe's at lunch today and there's a new kid on their tequila block. Zapopan, 100% agave blanco and reposado, both for... $10/bottle. Gotta be the best value (read: Cheapest) 100% agave I've ever seen. First inclination is "nah, if it's too good to be true, it is." Second is "TJs has some fabulous deals on odd label spirits."

Went with the first thought and passed, but I'll probably pick some up one of these trips just to see how it stacks up. Anyone heard of Zapopan? Or, more to the point, anyone tired it? All I come up with is a city in Jalisco called Zapopan, but it would be typical of TJ to put their own label on something.

And, while I'm picking your brains here: What,; if any is the difference between 100% Agave and 100% Blue Agave? Is tequila made from other agave species? If so, how does it affect the product?

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  1. Blue Agave is the agave they use to make Tequila. So no, there isn't any difference.

    As for the tequila, I've never had it before. I say for 10 bucks, give it a shot.

    The worst that happens is you're out $10.

    1. I just tried it myself, and I can say it is excellent. I've had the other Zap non-100% reposado and that one is just average, but this one is better than many $20 750ml 100%s I've had before. Easy sipping straight. It's a real bargain. Put it in a fancy bottle and you would fool a tequila snob, I am certain. I am going to stock up.

      1. I have been buying this and I think it's excellent! Personally I wouldn't use an expensive tequila if I'm going to make Margaritas, sipping it straight is is another story and I must say, this tequila is good enough for sipping and a bargain toboot!

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          two boots pizza is awesome, are you in LA?

        2. It's our house tequila where I work. In comparison, our other well spirits are Beefeater, Sobieski, Privateer Rum, Kraken Spiced Rum, Four Roses, and Old Overholt. I'd put it in the Sobieski-Overholt camp -- solid for mixing but not a stunner.

          1. I love it, , I'm trying to cut back on my beer intake so it's a great sub.

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              This tequila is great. I first heard of it in Larado Tx. It tasted like patron but without the cost. You don't feel like crap the next day. This is a really good tequila for a fraction of the cost. I've been looking for this tequila every since I tasted it. You can't go wrong with this one!