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Dec 15, 2010 02:58 PM

Need St. Augustine suggestions

I will be in the St. Augustine area over the holidays, and would appreciate any suggestions for interesting lunch or dinner experiences. I am more interested in local cuisines I would not find in Connecticut than the usual suspects (we've got lots of Italian here!) but I'm willing to consider any tips you have to offer. Thanks.

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  1. have you done a search, this topic is covered pretty frequently.....

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    1. re: karenfinan

      Had already searched. Most inquiries had zero replies. Others suggested lounges, which may have good bar food, but not exactly the sort of venue for a nice dinner. I did see suggestions for Columbia, Saltwater Cowboys, Conch House, Hurricane Patty's, Cafe Spain and two bakeries on other sites.

      Cafe Spain
      193 San Marco Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

      Hurricane Patty's
      69 Lewis Blvd, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

      1. re: DonShirer

        that's pretty much your list.

        I'd chuck them all for a big plate of O'Steen's shrimp, though.

        1. re: sunshine842

          And a cup of Minorcan Clam Chowder!

            1. re: crewsweeper

              no, at O'Steen's -- they regularly win "Best of" contests for their Minorcan chowder.

              1. re: sunshine842

                Yes! Was there last night and had a big bowl. Got a couple of bottles of datil sauce too.

    2. I live here and eat here! Gypsy Cab!! CAPS on The Water- a must a must! Collage. 99% of what I write will be all local owned and fun. Rhett's is new jazz bar, have not eaten there but fun drink place. Columbia although chain is awesome spainish. OC Whites, has outdoor dining which is nice this time of yr-good grouper sandwich. Great local owned Burrito Works for good lunch on St. George St. Tapa's greats are either or both Sangria's or The Tasting Room(outdoor dining too). JP Henleys has huge beer list but bar food. Mango Mango has great seafood 1 blk off beach. Good B&B dining,menu changes often is the Old City House next to Casa Monica for a bit of history. Zaharia's has great empanada's. Avoid The Reef food sadly, great location for a restaurant but avg at best- now if you want to drink on a deck overlooking the ocean go there though. Last, get a front porch table seat at the Tini Martini overlooking the Bridge of Lions and enjoy a cocktail at end of the night. You will never get to all the fun places but enjoy trying.

      Mango Mango's
      4010 US Highway 1 S Ste 1, Saint Augustine, FL 32086

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      1. re: jking3702

        Ahhh! That's more like it. Thanks, jking and all!

        1. re: DonShirer

          Don, I'm a Connecticut yankee same as you, and the Columbia is up your alley. Their 1905 salad, prepared tableside, with the garlic shrimp is their signature item. Their paella is very rich, as are their soups, it depends a bit on the weather and your mood. Not much cuban in CT, get it while you can. And a mojito, too.

      2. I'm not an expert on St. Augustine (I have only visited), but the best meal I've ever had there was at The Tasting Room...awesome tapas and a great selection of wines with many selections served by the glass with your choice of either a 3 oz. or 6 oz. pour.

        1. Look up Culinary Outfitters (9E South Dixie Highway) - small seating for lunch and sometimes dinner but you are sitting in a hurricane of cooking-catering kitchen for some of the most authentic minorcan food on the planet. Their in-house smoked salmon is one of the best products I have tasted ever. Absolutely an experience to remember and off the beaten path, but I know you will come back. People in the trade eat here!!!

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm off on an Amtrak tomorrow. My A-team list now includes Columbia, Conch House, MangoMango, Tasting Room and Zhanras for Caribbean/Spanish; Caps on the Water, Hurricane Patties, OC White's and O'Steens for seafood, and Saltwater Cowboy, Gypsy Cab, Fusion Point and Old City House in the "other" category. And thanks to dogmeat I'll try to look up Culinary Outfitters if I can. I just hope I can persuade my companions to concur!

            P.S. I'll endeavor to report later on the ones we try.

            Fusion Point
            237 San Marco Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

            108 Anastasia Blvd, Saint Augustine, FL 32080