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Dec 15, 2010 01:36 PM

Macaron advice (store at room temp or freezer?)

I volunteered to bring a dozen macaron (the French kind) to a holiday potluck on Monday, however I am stymied by some logistical issues-- there are two bakeries in town that make macaron, both are quite good. One of them is closed on Mondays, the other may be sold out of macaron, depending on how many they sell over the weekend, and I am not inclined to take my chances. I have two options:
1. Buy macaron on Sunday afternoon, store at room temp in airtight container until Monday
2. Buy macaron on Sunday afternoon, store in freezer until Monday
What do you chowhounds think is the best option?

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  1. The one that's open on Monday won't take a special order and set some aside for you?

    1. The Macarons at Trader Joes are packaged by a company called The French Patisserie in Pacifica Ca. The owner is French and makes a good product. They are packaged and frozen. It takes about 30 minutes to defrost.
      If you buy from a bakery just ask the baker about freezing.