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Dec 15, 2010 01:18 PM

TK's Danbury, CT

Can anyone tell me about TK's in Danbury? I hear they have free wings on your birthday. I am thinking about taking my husband there on his birthday, but not sure if it would be OK to bring the kids (ages 2 & 3)? We would be going during lunch, not late at night. Is this place a real bar, or more of a restaurant?

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  1. Hi- might be too late but this place is perfect for kids in that it is a bar, so if they are noisy or get out of their seat its not the end of the world. They have 2 circular booths in the front- we trap our kids in the middle so they can't escape!
    It is a bit rough - kind of reminds you of a college bar. Could be cleaner. But they have good food, great wings and the wing for the b-day thing is fun. They usually have someone there w/ a crowd enjoying that special. Have fun!

    1. We frequent TKs on occassion when we get a hankering for wings. It is a bar, but they have tables and booths in the back with waiter service. Every time we have gone, we have our kids with us (ages 5 and 3), and there are usually other kids there too, so you won't get any odd looks.