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Dec 15, 2010 01:17 PM

Florida, north of Miami

Seeking recs for Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood area. A mixture of cheap (e.g. pizza, burgers, Israeli) and more upscale. How's Cine Citta Caffe for more upscale? I really enjoyed the one in Paris, can anyone compare them? I saw on shamash the Schakolad Chocolate Factory. Does anyone know if they have tours or something that would be good for kids?

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  1. Cinne Citta (dairy) is a nice upscale place. Husband and I went and enjoyed. It's not a place that I would bring the family- it's kind of expensive- but it was a nice place with a good atmosphere. I have no clue if it's got any connection to the Paris location. They also have a meat restaurant across the street (steaks and such) but I haven't been.

    For Israeli food- Grill Time and Shalom Haifa come to mind. Shalom Haifa is your basic Israeli waiter service restaurant- chicken/shish kabob and falafel type. Husband's grandparents love it and go there often. It's the kind of place that you'll see in any major city, but the food is good and fresh and they have a large menu.

    Grill Time... I've been many times.. but the last time was just ok. They have an Israeli fusion type menu. Lots of grilled chicken dishes- marinated baby chicken (no bones), teriyaki chicken, chicken kabobs. Steaks and some other slow cooked dishes like short ribs. It's a tablecloth kind of place- service means well but they're always so packed that it's sometimes hard to get their attention. They do bring out lots of lafa and salads to start and all the sides are served family style.

    I can't remember for the life of me the name of the street of Shalom Haifa (could be Miami Gardens Drive??) but further down are two other places. Ritz is dairy restaurant- nice enough to go for a dinner out but ok to bring the family. Pasta, salad, fish... not a very inventive menu but it's really the only family friendly but nice dairy place in the area. If you've been to Cafe Venezia or Renaissance in Brooklyn, it's basically the same menu minus the pizza.

    The other place on that road is a burger/fast food ish type place. I believe it's called Josh's or Doug's. We'eve never been but it seemed like it was "the" hangout for the teenage set.

    Also... Thai Treat. I have no sense of direction, so I have no idea where it is, but I can tell you that it was about a 10 minute drive from Trump on Collins. We had dinner with a relative who goes to U of Miami and he said it was an easy drive for him too. Thai and Indian menus with lots to please the picky kid.. or adult!

    The racetrack (near the Aventura Mall) had a brand new kosher supermarket. I haven't been yet but I heard it's like Pomegranate in Brooklyn- spacious, lots of interesting items, good quality and fresh takeout. I'll be there in a few weeks... and I'll report back on what's there.

    Also, there's a kosher bakery/cafe for breakfasts on Collins and maybe 190th or around there. It's near the shul, but I can't remember the exact street. And, if you're not opposed to going to 41st street for a few meals- there's PIta something or other (large place, not terribly crowded, fresh good food, nice counter guys) and Rare (upscale meat restaurant). There is a dairy place on 41st (pizza, salad, pasta) that's waiter service... we walked in and deemed it super expensive for what it was and walked out.

    Hope this helps.. thinking of some other places that I've been to and will post again if I remember.

    1. China Bistro. I was there last winter and it was, well, I was going to say it was the best Chinese place I've ever been true, but it would be more accurate to say that it was the only truly good Chinese place that I have ever been to. These people can seriously cook.

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        China Bistro is overpriced and just OK.

        Emunah on Ft. Laud Beach is excellent. Levy's on Sheridan is very good shawarma/falafel.

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          I don't like China Bistro at all. It's very overpriced, the portions are not very big, and everything tastes the same. Also.. it's always very crowded and noisy.

      2. Sara's Pizza is very good. It has the biggest menu of all restaurants so I don't know if it's ever possible to tire from the options. ;)

        I also like Mozart Cafe (Avigdors). It's right by 441 off Stirling. Their pizza has this amazing crust. However, keep in mind that there is never any parking....