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Best Pork?

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Grub Street has now done overviews of the best pig dishes in NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, Philly, and SF:


Which raises the question: what about DC and environs? Rather than waiting for them to do it for us, I think we should start compiling our own list. Any nominations?

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  1. The "Irish bacon" and egg sandwich at Eve for lunch.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      I haven't been to Eve in a while; do they have a bacon and egg now? I love the BLT there, but a version of that w/ egg would be amazing. Especially if they could do the egg fried, w/ a runny yolk...

    2. Just today, a couple of folks told me 'anything at Honey Pig'

      1. Easily some of the German dishes at Euro Bistro in Herndon. But it's German and pork - whattya expect?

        I'd also throw in N36 from Joe's - Spinach and Ground Pork (spicy). One of the noodle dishes worthwhile to check out, imo.

        Unfortunately NO pulled pork in the area worthwhile for a list like this.

        1. Corduroy's pork belly, if it's on the menu.

          1. Againn's country pork pate.

            The pork belly at Cuba Libre was awesome, but since I haven't yet had it at Corduroy I'm not ready to say it's the best in the city or anything like that.

            1. Sichuan Pork Belly at Grace Garden.

              Grace Garden
              1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

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              1. re: MrsWheatie

                +1. I dream of the pork belly w/ mui choy.

                1. re: sweth

                  Add me to the list. He does a pork belly with rice powder thing that's amazing too.

              2. The Allan Benton country ham at Againn is delicious.

                How about Komi's roasted pig?

                1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

                1. pork belly at hong kong palace.

                  warning: the info below is for non-snobs only (and is obviously not unique to d.c.):
                  and if you're not congenitally opposed -- i recommend carrabba's pork chops with marsala-mushroom sauce. the meat is succulent, tender and very flavorful -- and it won't set you back a mortgage payment. for $18, you get a superb duo of thick chops with a lovely, savory marsala sauce with lots of sliced mushrooms, fresh garlic mashed potatoes (or veg of the day, or a pasta), and a soup or salad (we love the sausage lentil soup). the chops are consistently delicious and cooked to your desired doneness (i recommend "medium") from their wood-fired grill! the same dinner at a d.c. "institution" would cost double (and the service would be just about the same; no velvet booths, though....).

                  1. Since everyone knows that you can't get real BBQ in any of these places, it is a moot point. There are just too many good BBQ places, each with its own love/hate fans to count.

                    1. Speaking of pork chops... Liberty Tavern has some really good pork chops and the portion is very generous for the price.

                      Another nomination would be the boudin blanc at Marcel's.

                      And the pork belly at Trummer's on Main.

                      The Liberty Tavern
                      3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

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                      1. re: ktmoomau

                        The Marcel's boudin blanc doesn't contain any pork:


                        I'd definitely nominate it for the best bird dish in the city, though.

                      2. Chorizo sandwich at Estadio. That is porkiness in its purest form.

                        Crispy pork with Chinese broccoli at Nava Thai used to be one of my favorites, though I think the kitchen has slipped, so I'm not sure how it is these days.

                        Nava Thai Restaurant
                        11315 Fern St, Silver Spring, MD 20902

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                        1. re: hamster

                          Pasara in Old Town does a very good version of the crispy pork w/ Chinese broccoli.

                          1. re: sweth

                            That is good to hear. I was walking by yesterday, and noticed that the newish Thai place on Connecticut south of Dupont is a Pasara, and they have a crispy pork and Chinese broccoli listed on their specials board. I am thinking that might be my Christmas lunch!

                          2. re: hamster

                            If you open it to Chorizo, then TECC is the very clear winner. That stuff is amazing. I also like R&R just south of Baltimore for their Chorizo.

                          3. The roast pork shank at Schmankerlstube in Hagerstown. A seriously tasty hunk of pork. You have to call ahead to reserve one.