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Dec 15, 2010 12:44 PM

Hog Butchery classes in Los Angeles

I want to give my son in law a pig butchery class for Christmas. Any ideas of a good spot in LA area? We would also love a sausage making class with it.

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  1. I took the class at Mozza2Go:

    It's not an advanced class and it's not at all hands-on, but it's a very fun and enjoyable evening. The chef demonstrates how to break down the pig and discusses the cuts and best ways to enjoy them. ALL of the pig is used which is great to see. They throw butcher cuts on the grill for the group to enjoy and also let you order a pizza off the menu if needed.

    The classes seem to be pretty small so you have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. I recommended it, but have nothing else to compare it to.

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      Lindy and Grundy's (butcher shop) will be open in mid January and they will be having all sorts of butchering classes. They will be on Fairfax near Melrose.

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        Thanks for the info, i will follow up.