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Dec 15, 2010 12:39 PM

curious about the bias/ volume of certain posts.. [moved from Southern New England]

Hello fellow Chowhounds.
Am a little perplexed to see that the greatest number of responses to requests hover down in the hot dog, burger, pizza and doughnut column, versus anything approaching finer fare. Are SNE foodie bloggers really slumming that low and often? I am not expecting extensive reviews and rants on high end haute cuisine, but expected the needle to be tipped more in that direction than recent evidence shows. Yes, I realize that these are the most common fast foods available in the area.
Can't remember the last time I had a doughnut or ordered a hot dog - out. Though pizza has recently been dragged up to artisan and organic high status, I wager most burger, dog and doughnut joints remain borderline prole food. I'm no food snob - grille burgers and dogs every summer and love 'em, but don't eat them out anywhere often and randomly to form strong opinions on whose rank or don't.

What am I missing here? Thanks,


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  1. "What am I missing here?"

    The recession?

    1. Have you read the CH credo/mission statement. The high/low brow thing doesn't really fly. Finding deliciousness at all levels (your ref. to high/low)...well that's worth talking about!

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        Yeah, I'm kind of surprised how I read some posts that are completely opposite of what the OP is saying -- that CH is supposed to be about cheap eats and how fancy eats don't have any place on this site. If it's good, it's good.

        To the OP -- if you want to read more higher end stuff, why don't you start those threads? Hopefully others in your area will chime in.

      2. Here's the Chowhound credo cited below by HillJ ...

        1. I am sure if you saw this phenomena graphed (low end vs high end dining reviews) you'd see a pretty accurate reflection of the economic circumstances of this country. Most of the posters here are middle class. They go out for high end dining experiences when they have an anniversary or birthday (for the most part) and normally eat at much more modest venues to a much greater degree the rest of the time. Nothing unusual or strange about it.

          1. I wouldn't ascribe any particular reasons (economic or otherwise) to the phenomenon described here. Heck, I'm not even sure it's true on my local board (Chicago Area), and even if it is, honestly I don't really care. If you're interested in pizza, hot dogs, and burgers, you can read and post to (and create) those threads and ignore others. If you're interested in haute cuisine, you can read and post to (and create) those threads and ignore others. When I want to ask about a particular restaurant or recommendations for a particular cuisine and location, I'll either search the board or start a topic to ask. When I can answer a question when someone asks for advice, I do so. When I go out to eat and can provide a detailed report on the experience, I do so (as I did earlier today, for a place which happened to be a high-end restaurant). There are types of food I don't care for, and I just ignore the topics about them, but I'm happy that fans of those foods have a place to discuss them. And if they have strong opinions and a lot of folks want to post about those foods I don't care for, that's fine - the more (opinions, discussions, posters) the merrier! I enjoy the parts of Chowhound I participate in, and I hope the parts I ignore are enjoyed by others.

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            1. re: nsxtasy

              Agreed. And who knew that the busiest thread on the Prairie Provinces Canadian Board is the 5 Guys Burgers in Calgary thread?

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                I agree with ccg re agreement with nsxtasy.

                1. re: Afar

                  Good food, properly prepared, using quality ingredients, is good food, hot dogs to Abalone!!!

                  1. re: ospreycove

                    1. Re: the seeming paucity of discussion at the high end: If a place is really good, and it's been suitably picked apart on the boards, how much more can you say? Also, you can find plenty of instances of long, nuanced, unending debates about fine food, especially if there is some reason to doubt whether it's all that fine.

                    2. I agree with nsxtasy but I'd go even further -- it's not just that Chow has all kinds of discussions about all levels and kinds of food -- part of its strength is in the passionate, informed discussion of otherwise unreviewed parts of the culinary world