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Dec 15, 2010 12:36 PM

Where to eat in Antwerp, Belgium?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are traveling to Antwerp Belgium next week and would appreciate some recommendations for good restaurants in the city. We are traveling with our 6 month old, so I guess restaurants that could serve us early and not be too stuffy. We are not fussed by type of cuisine; just good food. Thanks!

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  1. Antwerp has a very good culinary scene. in different styles. You can go to Finjan for something very simple. It's a shawarma place mentioned in Gault Millau and raving for the moment. I pretty much like Fiskebar, a simple place for great fish in a nice atmosphere. If you like wine, you should check Pazzo. For Japanese, I prefer Fuji San. For the nice scenery I can recommend Het Zuiderterras, you can't eat closer to the river than here. Het Gebaar is a great lunchplace, especially known for desserts. Ferran Adria is a big fan. If you want something typically local and simple, try Rode Zeven. And if you want to go fancy: spend your euros at Dome. Enjoy Antwerp. And have a coffee at Coffee Nation.

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        I had a fantastic, cheap, rustic meal at In Estaminet In De Gloria

        The stouvlees was to die for (beef stew with brown beer and onions, herbs) as was the wonderful pork cutlet with stoemp (mashed potato, garlic and herbs) Not to mention in a very cool 16th century merchant's cottage.

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          We were there a week ago and they're still as amazing as you say. The best stouvlees and the best ribs (not US style but Dutch style) I've ever eaten in my life and I lived in Bruges for a year! And excellent fries and bisque. Very big portions though. Excellent price for value.

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            I'm so glad to hear that! My wife and I passed connected through Antwerp on the train on our way to Amsterdam more recently and we made a small detour (to my wife's dismay) just to have that stew again. It's one of those restaurants I've found on my travels that I wish I could take home with me. I'd do it again in a heartbeat :)