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Dec 15, 2010 11:47 AM

Prime Rib

A couple of years ago I found a recipe for roasting prime rib that called for preheating the oven to 500 degrees and then turning off oven and letting the roast cook. Of course, I forgot to bookmark the recipe. Can anyone help?

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    1. re: boyzoma

      Last link you posted was just what I was looking for...thx!

      1. re: hto44

        No problem. Just let me know what time I should be there for dinner. Oh - and don't forget the creamed horseradish!

    2. you might want to disable your smoke alarm---I made my prime rib this way once and it was very smoky---plus my oven was pretty splattered. But it was good!

      1. So I forgot that we had a rotissiere and we cooked the pribe rib in that. It came out perfect! Medium rare all the way through except for the very end pieces which were more medium. The fat on top was crunchy brown......yum! We had left over French Dip sandwiches last night. Still have a good amount left over so I think I will slice it thin with carmelized onions and melted gruyere cheese.

        We bought a 3 rib roast that was a little over 6 1/2 pounds. It took just under 2 hours.

        1. here is the best way to cook a PRIME RIB
          not to be confused with CROSS RIB

          adjust your oven racks so your roast and pan will be in the center of oven

          Preheat your oven as high of temp as you can
          while the oven preheats
          line your roast pan with heavy foil for easy cleanup
          place a roasting rack in the lined pan bottom
          if you don,t have a rack crumple 12 inch sheets of foil into balls place in bottom of pan
          the roast will rest on the balls of foil
          sprinkle unseasoned tenderizer I use Kroger brand, all over the roast (do not pierce roast.)
          rub the roast with soy sauce ( use Kikoman)
          rub the roast with olive oil
          when the oven reaches max temp place the uncovered pan with seasoned roast
          fat side up into oven
          this will braise the roast about 20 min for a 5 lb roast
          turn the oven temp down to 300 after the roast has braised
          pour about 1/4 inch of hot water into pan bottom
          baste the roast every 20 min with pan juices
          if no juice visible add a bit more water to pan bottom no more than 1/4 inch
          continue to baste roast every 20 min
          roast should be done in about 3 hrs
          check temp of roast within the last hour
          sprinkle a bit of garlic powder and fresh ground pepper
          within the last 1/2 hour to prevent the spices going bitter
          baste till done
          use a good thermometer
          130 degrees for rare
          140 degrees for med rare
          150 degrees for med
          160 for med well

          remove roast from oven at desired temp
          tent the roast with foil and let rest at least 20 min before carving

          pour the warm juices in a bowl add ice to collect fats discard the fat
          reheat the de fatted juices to serve with roast (au jus)

          1. Totally encase the prime rib in rock salt, pre heat oven to 500 deg. cook at 500 for 1 hour then reduce heat to 350 for the next hour and then turn the oven off for the last hour. the salt will form a crust and hold in the moisture and is easily removed prior to serving. I have cooked all my prime rib's this way and they always come out perfect, medium on the outside and med- rare in the middle. Enjoy...