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Dec 15, 2010 11:32 AM

Recommendations needed for Pastry/Dessert Shops in DFW

My Mother is coming in town this weekend and has requested I take her to a pastry shop. She specifically said "that makes their own pastries, not that crap from Sysco or from a commisary". So, that leaves out half of DFW places. Hahahaa! Just kidding. And NO CUPCAKE SHOPS. Cupcakes shops are not pastry shops. I'm talking a shop with variety. Any recommendations? I have never been to Stein's off of Preston but the Yelp reviews were so focused on something called a cheese roll that I couldn't tell if they made anything else there.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. If willing to drive, hop in the car and go to Ravelin in Denton. Try and get there no later than 10 am or else you could walk away empty handed.

    1. Stein's is a legitimate, and good, bakery. (do yourself a favor and try one of those "cheese pockets" and you will be forever hooked.) The Black Forest Bakery, which is inside Henk's restaurant is also a good bakery. Henk's/Black Forest is located behind the Half Price Books on Northwest Highway, near Central Expressway.

      Black Forest Bakery
      5811 Blackwell St, Dallas, TX 75231

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      1. Almojabanas from El Portal is towards the top of my favorite foods in Dallas. It's a Colombian bakery at Trinity Mills and Marsh. They have sweet and savory items.

        El Portal
        6121 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093

        1. I like the bakery inside 99 Ranch. You do need to enjoy the Chinese/Asian take on sweet flavors and perhaps look past some of the more oddball savory creations. Pineapples, mung beans, taro, sweet potato are all prominent flavors. I particularly like that they don't go crazy with the sugar on most items. The baguettes and french bread are not always out but they are my current favorite. Light texture, crispy outside (but not hard), and enjoyable flavor. I like them way better than CM or WF.

          There are several Mozart locations (one right outside 99 Ranch) and the bakery inside Super H Mart are similar but I think the 99 Ranch bakery provides the best overall selection. And you can see everything getting baked right there in front of you. And the prices are great.

          Tried Ravelin finally and I thought it was alright but I'm not heading back unless I'm in the area. Nothing was bad but nothing really caught my attention either except for one item. I tried several croissants, danishes, cookies, bread, but the lone thing that sung to me were the lemon scones. I normally hate scones so no idea why I even chose them but they were what I always thought scones should taste like. Biscuity, slightly sweet, moist and creamy as it dissolves in your mouth.

          The cheese thing at Stein's is just a version of a cream cheese danish.